Cookie Cutter Bag

After a weekend of visiting friends who were extemely sweet and made Raclette which I loooved, I had a few things to finish that I promised people. And so I finished a tube card holder for the bf (in black of course) and one for a girl at work (in green with golden stripes), and I also finally made the bag for my cookie cutters.

Over the last few months my cookie cutter collection has increased a bit so the container that held them has just gotten way too small. So now at least they're all together which is the good thing. The bad thing is that they all fit but there isnt much room for any more! Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So check out the photos here. The big was made ONLY with items that I already had, so very very frugal of me :)

This photo is sadly a little blurry but it does show the fabric the best. I still had this fabric from Christmas a few years back when I wanted to make decorations and simply didnt have the time. Originally I had planned to use plain cotton and decorate the bag by hand, but this was cute and saved much time. The fabric does have cookies on it after all!

The ribbon was given to me via someone from freecycle and the glass beads were part of a project many years ago.

The lining is cotton also and is part of a pile of leftovers from a quilted pillow case I once made for my sister. The pillow case fell apart in the laundry, shows my quilting skills...

And taadaa! All the cookie cutters are in the bag :) The coolest ones are in the bottom of course, but as you can see I have a few Halloween ones ;)

Now to finish a cat for a colleague's new baby... tutorial and pics will follow soon!


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