Pincushion Tutorial #1

Heyhey everyone :)

At last, my living room is a little tidier and I can actually see my table and the floor again. Gone are the bags of ribbon and fabric and the bf is very pleased let me tell you! So I spent the entire Saturday relaxing (and blogging a bit as you may have noticed, or was that only this afternoon? Honestly, this day is fabulously long!) and today decided to make at least one small item. I found a lot of tutorials etc for pincushions and as I only have a carrot that can hang on the sewing machine, a standing up one would be nice as well.

I found two that I liked, well actually three but the third one requires fabric that I dont have right now so I'll keep that for later. The first one was a cupcake, and the second one a pot of flowers. The flower one requires some glue and I have only found my glue sticks this morning so I went with the cupcake for tonight.

The instructions can be found here:,,695942_708961,00.html

I tried to keep mine as close to the original as possible, I just made mine a little (a lot!) bigger as I really need something to keep a lot of pins. I keep knocking my pin box over which is very impractical! Unfortunately I didnt take pictures of every single step (I simply forgot, no other excuse), but I will copy and paste the instructions and my photos here.

So let's start:

1. First of all you will
need to make a template for the cup. You will need a circle for the bottom
and a long rectangle strip that will fit around the circumference of the circle. Take a piece of felt in the colour that you would like the cup. Then draw out the shapes from the templates on to the felt.
(forgot photos, sorry!)

2. Take a piece of thread in a colour matching the felt and using a hemming stitch sew the rectangle along the circumference of the circle.

4. Now sew the remaining side together

5. Your cup should look like this.

6. Find a piece of foam that will fit inside comfortably.
(no photos here, but I used some of the foam that the bf had in his Warhammer storage case. Not to worry, he didnt need these bits anymore! You can also use fiberfill of course but as we still had all this foam lying around, I might as well put it to good use)

7. Now take the felt in the colour that you want the cupcake to be and cut out a large circle.

8. Wrap the felt circle around a piece of foam making sure that it fits nicely.

10. Now cut out an icing shape out of the third piece of felt. Find some thread that matches the colour. Sew the icing to the top of the cupcake using a hemming stitch.
(I didnt make my icing symmetrical, because after all, when does icing land nicely on a cupcake?)

11. Find a small red piece of foam. Sew this to the top of your cupcake. This is the cherry.

12. I sewed little beads to the cupcake to look like sprinkles. You can add eyes or whatever you want to decorate it.

And taadaa! Your cupcake pincushion is finished :)

Just a reminder, this tutorial is not at all mine, it came from,,695942_708961,00.html

Have fun making your own!! Actually, I'm thinking of making a blueberry one as well since I love purple ;) And hopefully soon I can post my very own tutorial :)

UPDATE 4 May 2010:
I added this to Get Your Craft on Tuesday on Today's Creative Blog! :)



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