Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 - Haarzuilens

Finally I have a chance to blog something about the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens, the Netherlands last weekend :) We were sooo lucky with the weather! My plane went, my suitcase arrived, and the dress was done. Poor Denise was still sewing until late Friday night, but in the end she was finished also. And so off we went... The line outside was sooo long it was unbelieveable! We luckily only waited half an hour but most people waited for an hour and a half to get in. It was the worst organisation I had seen in a long time. It actually got so busy that they had to shut the gates at 1pm. But even though this sounds all really bad, it was a good day. Below are some pics from some really good costumes:

Lion Man from the EFF forum:

Netel from the EFF forum as Willie Wonka:

House of Wax #1:

Gorgeous collar:

House of Wax #2:


The coolest cosplay group ever!

Fantastic fauns:

My friend Ester as the girl from Avatar:

With my friend Mandy:

I also entered the costume competition but sadly didnt win anything. As it was the third time I entered and I didnt really agree with the winning choices, it will be the last time I enter. After all, it takes up so much time, so next time I will just walk around and enjoy myself :)

There are plenty more pics but it's easier to just upload pics from myself for the time being due to copyright and all... maybe more will follow soon ;)

Now I have to start my costume for September, maybe this time I'll start a little earlier, hahaha


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