Knitted Badge for Meetup Group

At my Sewing Meetup Group, the organiser came up with this great idea on how to recognise each other when we're in a large place and we dont have anything obvious on the table showing that we belong to the group. As no one can make it every month (or are unable to attend for about 4 months straight due to impossible-dress-projects) it can be tricky spotting the group, especially if the few people who showed up before are also unable to make it. So anyway, to make a long story short, we decided to make badges. The colours had to be black and red for the Meetup Logo, and the badge also had to have scissors on it as they are a tool you always need for sewing and crafting. As I was in charge of today's meetup, I finished mine today so I would be easily recognisable :)

First, I must give credit to Betty and her un-ending patience (well, maybe I just havent reached her limit yet LOL) as she taught me how to purl stitch at the Knitting Meet on Friday. Check it out, my first ever flat knitted bit!

As I had finally done this, the plan was to use this in my Meetup Badge. Mostly because it would be good for both the sewing and the knitting groups. So I added scissors (made with leftover felt and silver fabrics) and a thread-thingy (cant think of the English word right now) and I finished it with blanket stitch in black wool. I'm very pleased with it and just had to share.

In case you're interested. the Meetup website is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Especially great when moving to a new city like I did so many years ago. It is also worldwide so a lot of cities are covered. I didnt register for a year or so and then just found all these great meetups. And the good thing is, if you dont like it, just dont go back! Registration is free and most of the groups are also so go check it out!


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