A Busy Weekend - Hair Stuff

It has been a while, but I'm back now :) I havent really done anything this whol week as work was extremely stressful and I dont think it is going to ease up anytime soon. So all my crafting had to wait until the weekend. No, I havent started the Steampunk dress yet but I did make a few things that I've been thinking about for quite some time now.

My first project of this weekend was feather headbands. Yes, you see them everywhere now but they're always so expensive! I bought one last autumn and paid £12 for it, and now it is seriously damaged as I dont have anywhere decent to put it (yes besides on my head!). When I was in New York, I saw the feather bases as M&J Trimmings, and decided to buy two of them to make some myself. So I bought some headbands at the market here for only 50p and got to work. I glued the feather bit onto the headband and finished it off on the inside with felt. Most vendors dont do the felt bit and I think this is where mine got damaged. So technically this should hold better. And to top it off, with the exchange rate and all the total price of one feathery headband was now only £4!!

So what do you think of them?

A number of years ago, I bought some amazing cottons via a shop on Ebay called Tabber's Temptations. She has these fantastic cotton fabrics that I just couldnt find here anywhere. One of the fabrics I bought was this gorgeous nightblue with suns and moons and starts. I didnt buy enough to make actual clothing out of it and so it kind of just lay in the cupboard for a good while. But today I finally used it to make a bandana. Yes, a bandana is like super easy (just cut to size and hem) but I just never took the time to measure my old bandanas LOL. And with summer coming up, I need one that I actually want to wear :) Plus it was a great excuse to use my shiney and new rotary cutter that I bought around New Year's and never used...

This is the bandana:

I made some more stuff, so more posts and tutorials will follow!


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