Halloweening - Pumpkins (half way there!)

Over the past two days, I managed to carve 5 pumpkins. All the things I notice during carving and vow to improve next year, I of course forget and when the time comes, the same things go wrong... But then again I do always leave it until the last minute to do this due to lack of space. Oh yes that reminds me, I need to google how to deal with frost outside as keeping the pumpkins inside would be way too warm for them and they'd go moldy before Saturday when I am having the big dinner.

So lets start with that I have done these past two days:

Something easy to start with, and of course something to match the new bedding: it's Jack Skellington! :) I think he turned out great :D

The bf loves this one, much to my surprise as it's really quite cute. But it did turn out really well I must admit :)

Of course a grim reeper is a must also :) The picture was a little tricky to take since I made the opening in the back, but it's ok from this angle.

As you can see I was totally on a roll on Sunday...

Chewbacca (or at least he is supposed to be). This was a really tough pumpkin although that could be because it spent the night in the frost...

And finally some pirates too, yargh! Ignore the pink candle, it was the only one on hand... I loved this actual pumpkin as it was really eh... juicy is the right word I guess, making it super easy to carve (unlike the Chewwie one).

Well thats it... I only have one more 'juicy' pumpkin left and 4 tough one so I think I'll keep it easy this year with the rest of them and only make one more majorly difficult one. The thing that takes up the most time isnt actually the carving, it is the cooking of the pumpkin and roasting of the seeds because of course I dont want to throw anything away... Plus the girls at work love my pumpkin seeds... LOL

More carving tomorrow I guess... *yawn* I need to get some sleep now... Good night!


  1. How fun! I have some patterns but ave never used them. Really no time. WOuld you like them?
    ~Naila Moon

  2. saw you at megaspooky. dude, you've got mega skills. excellent carving. happy halloween.

  3. Great Job! Love the grim reeper.

  4. Oh, I LOVE Jack! Nice job on all of them, they look terrific!

  5. Hey! You got featured over on Sawdust and Paper Scraps for your Sally dress!!!!


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