Halloweening - Decorating with Paint

I got intrigued by CSI Project's Paint Challenge and looked around my house to see what I wanted to use. I still had a few flower pots leftover and I even found some amazing foam sponges to transform! So check out my paint projects of the last weeks that have now dried and are ready for display:

The bf bought some storage cases for his Warhammer miniatures and in order to get the shapes he wanted and needed, he had to take some foam out. Now we have a huge bag of leftover foam to be used in little projects. I found some shapes that looked like cats :) Of course they had to be used :)

Using some of my DYI black paint (test pot so super cheap), I painted the foam. Yes, spray paint would have been easier but that wasnt something I had on hand so the normal paint is what I used. I Mod Podged some googley eyes on and some cute bows made from leftover ribbon. I also Mod Podged the front and the bottom in case they would get wet somehow as it is a sponge after all and I'm not sure how much paint could/would come back out again. Dont you just love them?

As I see these now, devils would have also worked but didnt have red paint anyway. Now just have to find a place for them...

Inspired by Crafty Cierra's Pumpkin Flower Pots I bought some orange paint at the DYI shop (test pot for only £2.28 which is a lot cheaper than buying craft paints and these I get mixed to my choice, yay! Oh, did I mention this already? LOL), and I started painting.

Base coat orange, black for eyes and mouth, green straws for stem (I found these hidden in my cupboards), and some raffia as a finishing touch. I love them! They will be displayed outside, where hopefully I will be able to see them whenever I look outside (lack of porch remember?).

One last flower pot was also transformed with the cardboard eyes that came with the haunted house kit I bought last time at the 99p store. I Mod Podged the eyes all around the pot so I can change them as my mood changes ;)

The pot still contained the plant so this project was a little tricky and much of the window got painted in the process but luckily the paint was waterbased ;)

So far thats it, mainly since I am out of time and I still need to add the button to this post once it's up so I have to pre-blog this. Work is sending me away for a few days so I need to take the pics, upload them, pack my bag, etc etc, and it's nearly midnight, argh!! Hope you liked the painted crafts though, and the best thing was that except for the orange paint I had to buy, it was all free!

I'll try to enter the challenge (not sure if I can with three projects one page) but at least I got everything on before going to bed, yay!

Joining the project, wish me luck!

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  1. What fun paint projects. I love the way you spookified those pots!


  2. Hee hee, those are great! I LOVE the mutant cats, and the pot-o-lanterns are so cute with the embellishments on top!

  3. Cute projects! The planters with eyes are hilarious! I think the middle one is my favorite.

  4. Love the Halloween decor! I just became a follower - saw that you were in her recent post too!

  5. Hi,

    I came here from Sunny's to visit you. I love the flower pots...so cute!

  6. Hey! Another one Sunny sent over. A lovely blog!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment :) I love the black pots with eyes. Those are so cute!


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