Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloweening - Pumpkins (the final 2!)

I made it just in time :) I spent all Saturday morning carving and I wanted to share the final two pumpkins with you quickly. I've done it, I have carved 10 pumpkins!

I loved this design with the hands, but I thought something was missing so I added the face also

For the last one I had a choice, either do the Darth Vader design I had printed out, or do a free-hand and save time. Obviously I did the free-hand hahaha... not too bad really, except that my bats never work out...

All is now done, the party pics will follow soon. Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. They look terrific! The hands are just amazing. Have a great Halloween! Theresa

  2. Your Pumpkins look awesome!! Happy Halloween to you too.


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