Halloweening - Hanging Mannequin

First of all, I want to apologise to everyone who has been leaving comments on my blog and hasnt heard back from me. I do read the comments of course and I am very happy to be receiving them, I just dont always remember to respond in a timely manner. Wow that last bit sounded formal... anyway, I will keep reading comments and also try to respond quicker and better :)

Last weekend, I spent the entire Saturday shopping for Halloween and decorating our apartment for the occassion. While decorating, I realised my problem... I see so many cool creations in blogland and I want to make everything! The problem with that is that most of what you all show me (and your fellow readers of course) a bit of your house/apartment/garage and I always think that it is the entire house. So I tend to go a little overboard... I just love Halloween way too much ;) Now that I realised this, however, I might tune it down just a notch... but let's see what happens...

As I was decorating until about 1am on Saturday, I managed to get lots done. But since everything has a story (you know me...) I want to show you everything properly :) And so this story starts...

When I first came to London I had a little ebay shop. In the end it totally didnt work as I barely broke even at the end of month so I decided it was better to use ebay as a hobby or for clearouts rather than an actual business. In order to display stuff, I bought one of those hanging mannequins. One day, for some reason or other, I hung it on the wall to keep it out of the way. And the bf loved it! Yes, I gather than an image of a naked woman on the wall is very appealing but I can see the art bit of it. The best thing about it: I get to decorate her ;) Since I only have 2 windowsills in the entire apartment and no mantel or anything, decorating can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. I still had an orange feather boa from when Holland was playing in the World Cup and lots of spiders from my Spider Nightmare costume (pics will follow in a later post) and some raffia, I knew exactly how to decorate the mannequin. Here she is:

I put the biggest spider I had on the top. I attached it with some yellow and orange pipecleaners that I had leftover from a wreath I once made many moons ago.

I then added the feather boa and added raffia and LOTS of spiders :) I dont know about you, but I love it and thinks it looks really halloweeny (and a bit artsy fartsy). Step by step we're getting there :) Yay!!!

Thanx everyone for sticking with me and for reading my blog! *hugz for all*


  1. Cute! It's great to take things you already have in your house and transform them to work for you. Sounds like you've been busy making your home festive!

  2. I'm over here chortling like an idiot; that's fantastic! You HAVE to show us how you change her for every holiday or season!

  3. How fun! I really want a standing mannequin but I can never find a cheap one. :(

    - Megan


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