Halloweening - My First Pumpkin of 2011

Good evening everyone!
I carved my very first pumpkin for this year :) It was so much fun! I didnt have to search online for patterns as I still had lots from when I bought some carving kits over the last year so that was sorted, I just needed the pumpkins. Yeah that was easier said than done... I dont have a car and delivery isnt easy so I went to the shop after work and managed to get 4 pumpkins home with the help of a girl at work who helped me carry them part of the way :)

Hollowing out and carving pumpkin: 1 hour. Cooking pumpkin (since we dont have tinned pumpkin in the UK, I need to stock up for the year): 20 mins. Baking pumpkin seeds: 20 mins (done while pumpkin is happily simmering away). Making the sweet and spicy mix for the seeds: 35 mins as I now know not to use grapeseed oil to make caramel and it burns the **** out of your pan, especially when trying to soak it with COLD water. Good morning... oh well, new mix was made with olive oil and that worked. I know peanut oil is the best but I was out of that. So all in all something that should have taken 90 mins took about twice as long. Oops...

But here it is, the result! Please tell me you see what it is... I was going to carve a witch but in the last minute decided for this pattern instead:

It's a scary creature coming out of his grave... is it recognisable?

From the side, I couldnt pick which picture was better hahaha...

So what do you think? 3 more at least as those are the ones I have here, but since I am ueberlate this year with preparations (4 days this year compared to 3 weeks last year!), I think maybe I will only manage 4. Oh well, we'll see... Fingers crossed I can do more!


  1. I love it! Super spooky, and I can definitely see your grave concept :)




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