London Knitting & Stitching Show 2011

Hi all,LinkThe last day of my oh-so busy weekend was a visit to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. I wasnt sure if I would make it after WZD so I hadnt booked any tickets up front but they were only a tiny bit more expensive at the door. My feet were killing me, I was exhausted and still had makeup in the weirdest places, but after reading the blog posts on M is for Make and Flossy Teacakes, I REALLY wanted to go! So I dashed out the door, leaving the bf behind quite stunned (would drag him with me after all, he'd go mental!) and managed to get all the tubes and buses and made it in record time :)

Yay, I have arrived! And it was so warm I didnt even need a coat :) I did wear my nice woolly sweater to at least go in style. No, I didnt make this, I got at one of the £2 sales, or was this £1, I cant remember! :)

My first time at Alexandra Palace, check out the view! It was so gorgeous! You could see the London skyline even, something very rare here...

I didnt have a list but I knew what I didnt need. Of course Halloween fabric was not part of that so I bought some FQs. I have the green one with the pumpkins and the purple webbed one (are you really surprised?)

Speaking of the £1/£2 sales, they are always run by Traid, a usually very expensive charity shop. I was pleased they had set up their own Upcycling Academy to show people how to easily change garments to make them fit or make them different.

The Brother stand where you could test your sewing-machine-to-be

My favourite ribbon stand and all that was left of the Halloween section ;)
Especially after I raided it!

After I'd seen all the stalls for the first time I found the other half of the show which was sort of an exhibition part. I found this scarfy thing very interesting, kind of like giant Knitting Nancy

This dress was a fashion show piece, now you know what you can do with grandmother's crocheted blanket ;)

The dress in the show

The dress on the left from the picture above was also on display

At another stall, I saw this butterfly dress. It was amazing! It's made out of tulle, a bra, and lots of some feathery stuff that is ironed and thereby made sparkly. Sorry I didnt write it down what it was exactly but then again I had a hard enough time getting a decent pic of this dress LOL

The waistline, this is such a great idea! Even without this irony stuff this is such an inspiration

The straps made with again this iron stuff and feathers

And look at these crocheted lightbulbs! Very festive :) Might not work so well in my apartment but on a stall it surely works.

After seeing this sofa I really just wanted to make my quilt :) It looks so nice and comfy

These items were seen at the decoupage workshop. I never really understood the point of decoupage but I do like the result :)

Yet another stall had this patchwork for sale. It is one part of three, the others being witches and bats. I just really liked this cat :) More inspiration!

Sadly then it was time to leave... I had actually run out of cash and didnt actually need to buy more so it was the perfect time to go home. I even found some Halloween fabric which was £3 and that was EXACTLY the amount I had left.

When I got home I had to check the loot. The ribbons deserve their own pic. In absence of my planned trip to the US, I felt I deserved some more Halloween ribbon. After all, you never know when you might need some ;)

This is the total loot. Actually for the magazines I went to two shops as the first one had sold out and the second one was closing but I managed to dash in, grab them off the shelf, and pay all in under a minute so they didnt mind too much ;) The hat on the left is a cross-stitch pattern, the first one I ever bought in a size like this. I bought the stitching fabric in white as I thought that might be best for now. I can always make one in black another day... I also bought Halloween buttons, a felting needle holder (my needles kept breaking), and some quilting fabrics with Halloween print. Quite a good loot actually!

It was a great day. A lot of running around, but I found almost everything I wanted (I need Halloweeny orange wool, no one seems to have some?! Acrylic is really good enough) and I got so many ideas! With the felting tool I can finally finish my vest, and maybe soon I will start the quilt. The cross-stitch will be brought on holidays, nice and light and will keep me busy for hours.

I really just had the best weekend :) *happy sigh* ... Oh yes, interesting fact, about an hour after posting the zombie pics I lost two followers. Now I am convinced that the makeup works! Muahahaha...


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