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Hello again :)
Ok I missed one day during Costume Week but work was crazy this week and I just didnt have the energy to be online afterwards... but no fear, I have another costume to share with you! :) Once again, this is also partly gathered from other outfits that I made, but it really looks the part I think.

A few years ago, I was really into World of Warcraft. I still am in a way but I dont have time to play a lot anymore (all that sewing and blogging!) but I still have the account because I know once I stop having, I will want to play. Plus it's a nice change from sewing sometimes. So when the Lich King came out in 2008, I joined my friends once again for the launch party at HMV. This year my costume was actually much better than previous years and I was even interviewed for the BBC! My costume for the launch was a Night Elf. I had originally wanted to be a warrior NE but the sword was lost in the mail or something so I was a druid and used my staff again. This costume was quite loosely based on the NE but still much better than before. After all, Night Elves dont exactly wear a lot of clothing! This is the finished look:

This was actually taken at the launch at about 2am when we finally reached the cool part. LOL
This costume contains of the corset and the cloak from the leaf dress, the staff and crown from the Blood Elf costume, the hair from various costumes (hihi), and I also made the trousers as I really wanted these. I was also wearing some massive New Rock boots which sadly you dont see in the photo. I just added some coloured lines to my face to resemble to Blood Elf tattoos. The leafy bits on the cloak and the corset added to the Herbalism / Mage image which was great, and I wore a flower necklace which I had originally bought for the leaf dress but never ended up wearing at the time. Of course I also added the fairy ears :) Not quite NE length, but it worked.

We reached the front of the queue (just at midnight we were at the doors but the shop was full so we had to wait) at about 2am and bought our games. I had been interviewed several times (so the costume was a hit!) and had a ton of fun. The cloak was great since it had fleece sleeves and I was only a little chilly at the end. I think we went home at about 3ish.

Just before entering the shop, the BBC actually asked me if I wanted to come on the Breakfast Show and talk about the event. I guess they needed some loon in a costume LOL. But of course I said yes. I mean, how often does one have the chance to go on BBC Breakfast!

There is actually a video of it on youtube and I quite like it, but the comments on it depressed me so much that I'm not entirely sure I wanted to share it here. Maybe depressed isnt the right word, but some of them were really cruel. Not just aimed at me, but it's amazing what people can write online when they think they're anonymous. Anyway... I had fun and afterwards the BBC organised a car to get me to work from where I called my boss to check if he wanted to see the look or if I should get changed into office clothes before coming into the office. He wanted to see the look.

I also woke everyone up by showing up like this! Hahahaha... we have an office dress code so this was hilarious! Funnily enough, lots of them went like 'didnt I see you on telly this morning?' which was great :) And yes, I skipped the makeup, it was like 6am when I had to be at the studio and I only had about 3 hours sleep...

But this just goes to show that combining elements of other costumes can still create a great outfit! So, should I link up to the video now?


  1. How exciting to be on TV! My brother is into all that kind of wargaming stuff - but I don't think he dresses up at all! Such a shame people leaving nasty comments the youtube video! I'd love to see it! (would promise not to read any comments:))

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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