Halloweening - Costumes - Medusa

Hi all,
As I missed a day in Costume Week, I have one last costume post for you. Are you excited? LOL well maybe just a little bit :)

A little while ago (I can only wear so many costumes on Halloween but luckily I have a lot of other costume events during the year) we had a Famous Faces party. I spent week trying to think of who to go as. There was even a FB app where you could see which celebrity you resemble the most. I got Reese Witherspoon, score! I was thinking maybe Elle from Legally Blonde but as usual I ran out of time.... I didnt want to go as someone who no one would recognise so it would probably be something movie related, but what? I also preferred to be something more mythical than just a Hollywood star... Then one of the builders outside my old work actually gave me the perfect idea: Medusa! Perfect! Mythical AND everyone knows her :) Plus I could totally pull this off with minimal sewing :) This was the result:

(sorry for the bad pics, it was a bad day and I only have the pub pics)
I used the corset and some dreads from the leaf dress, and the skirt from the Blood Elf dress. I added some green velvet from the little green dress (no hemming required) on the skirt with velcro, and glued on some snakes cut from snakeskin pvc which I had lying around somewhere. I also sewed on red beads for eyes. It's a real shame I dont have detailed pics of this! I used the dreads hair piece and pinned some dreads directly onto my head to make them stand up, giving the idea of snakes. I think it worked quite well! For the sleeves I cut a hole in the crotch of a pair of tights to wear it as sleeves and sewed some straps of the green velvet on them to resemble snakes coiling around my arms. I had highlighted my skin with gold theatre paint and painted some snakes onto my forehead. I also wore a gold-coloured snakey necklace. l. All this and some people still asked me who I was supposed to be! Oh my... Of course you can see all the details on this one pic, but I have some more below which are more closeups.

But first this guy, another regular at the fancy dress group. He came as Steve McQueen in the movie Bullit. He totally looked the part! He made this gun holster out of leather scraps and wore a black turtleneck sweater. The hair is natural ;)

One guy came as the Terminator and even had the glasses (T1 that is). Sadly I dont have a pic, but I did have to borrow his glasses for the pic. Voila, the Medusanator! Hahahaha, I love it! Here you can see the hair, the dreads, and the makeup better by the way than in the previous pics.

And sometimes Medusa even gets to meet Wilma Flintstone! Hahaha... This was another great outfit, made from a bedsheet. It looked really good, and once again no hemming needed :)

Another great costumes was Foxxy Cleopatra from the movie Austin Powers 3, the hair alone was fantastic! I think this was a wig but I cant be sure, I have never seen this girl in non-costume...

As I said, I only have a few photos, but the evening was fun and lots of people made an effort. We also had Neo from the Matrix franchise, the 'Feel Like a Woman' Shania Twain, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Boop, and even Boris Johnsson! Thats the Mayor of London for anyone who doesnt know... So a good turnout all around :)

I hope I inspired everyone a little bit with these costume posts. Next year I will probably have to start sewing again as I have actually shared pretty much all of my costumes for which I have photos so far LOL.

More Halloween stuff will follow soon!


  1. Great Medusa outfit - and love the other costumes you showed too! Sounds like a fun night!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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