Halloweening - Best of 2010

Hi all!
It's October!! Whoohooo!!! Forgotten is all the stress from last week and ignored are all the unfinished projects. Let's take a minute and think about this: it's nearly Halloween!

Since I have done so much last year and our apartment really isnt that big, I wanted to write this 'best of' post to start off the month in style :)

Harry Potter potion bottles, my most viewed post ever! I still havent heard from the person who inspired me...

Halloween tea towels, still going strong in my kitchen :)

Halloween door witch, still not entirely sure about this, but it's been on the wall for a whole year so surely it's a hit?

Hanging mannequin, so far it has only been decorated for Halloween and will surely be again this year!

Of the bathroom transformation, the bottles are still there as well as the curtains

Pumpkin flower pots from the CSI challenge are still outside and looking good, ready for another Halloween :)

The stairs lighting was so convenient and pretty! It will definitely be used again this year.

The Sally dress that won me a $50 voucher

The great pumpkins if I say so myself

And all the food ideas I found online will definitely stay with me, I just love this pepper idea!

And also the cauldrons :)

2010 was definitely a good year for Halloweening. Let's see what we can do this year, shall we? Halloween, here I come!


  1. this post will be on my pinterest as soon as I'm finished writing this comment. The stair lights will have to be my next project (and the first project for our new house, moving in 3 days!) and I am really in love with those spooky bottles.

  2. great roundup! I love those stair lights. Thanks for sharing this at the massive Halloween linky!


  3. Hi MJ, it sounds like you had a fabulous halloween last year and I hope you were not disappointed this year. I recently found your blog and am now following. Please pop on over and check out my blog and it would be great if you would also follow me. I would really like that. Hugs, Chris


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