Party under a Halloween Moon

Hi all,
It is time for my annual Halloween party! This year I am also participating in the Witches Tea Party under a Halloween Moon :)

Frosted Petunias

Because after all, in England 'tea' can also mean dinner hihi. So get ready for this year's yummies! First of all, the snack table:

Finger carrots with various dips. I covered the container in orange paper to make it look nicer. The almonds are stuck on with houmous. I also made some pumpkin roll-ups as I found orange tortillas in the last second.

I made more tortilla crackers with my new cookie cutters, we had witches hats, shoes, brooms and cauldrons. It was like an edible accessory shop! ;) The cauldron pot contains homous (I looove houmous!).

Cauldrons with spicy crisps and of course some cornichons :) I used an empty Halloween candle pot to hold the tooth picks.

I used my shrunken heads to act as a rim around the table. It looked wicked! I just strung them onto some ribbon and taped the ribbon onto the table.

Of course the pumpkins were also featured. Here you also see the eyeball radishes by the way. And some really creepy people in the background picture LOL

The coffin pumpkin was also on the snack table. Oh yes, the 'table cloths' were from Poundland and were actually scarves, but it look amazing and I didnt have to gather tons of spiders in the end :)

Before I take you to dinner, let me show you my wreath. I wanted to write a whole post about this, but this will have to do now. A long long time ago, I bought one of those twine wreaths and it has been lying around ever since. I finally spraypainted it black, wrapped two strings of beaded ribbon around it in purple and orange (bought last year at the 99p store), added four glitter spiders (Poundland, pack of 4 for £1, score!), and attached two skulls I bought at CVS during my trip to Boston two years ago. I hung it on a black ribbon. I actually quite like it, even though it took forever trying to get this to look ok. There are so many great wreaths out there!

These were made last year but this year I bought some electrical tea candles so I could actually light these up. These are on the very top of the stairs, past the pumpkin lights from last year which of course were also used.

Ready for dinner? The table is set, the background movie has started... here we go!

For the 'aperitif' I made mummy sausages. The guests were like 'oh yummy, we liked those last time', hihi. At least my dinners make an impression :)

For the started I made these witchy aliens eating maggots/brains. They were supposed to be aliens but the witch hat cracker made them look more like witches.

The main course were pumpkin/potato mash monsters with spinach tentacles and intestins (read: chipolatas). The salad came in the orange pepper Jack-O-Lantern. It was yumm! Plus I cooked for an army so no need to cook tonight ;)

The dessert was my pumpkin-praline pie with ice-cream and pastry brooms. Again, I used my new cookie cutters and painted the brooms with food colouring before baking them. Afterwards I added the lines with edible ink.

Taadaa! Yes that's me... I just did not find the time to make a costume this year and by the time the guests arrived I was still wearing my apron. Not so good... So I put on something quickly. I am supposed to be Storm, from the X-Men. I had the long-haired wig on before but it was really annoying me with cooking so I swapped it for the short version. After all, in the movie Halle Berry changes her hair as well LOL. Not my greatest outfit I am sorry to say but I just ran out of time.

My creepy pumpkin face was displayed on the side table, along with lots of paper trees, candles, and mini pumpkins.

One last atmosphere picture, before the evening was over. Everyone was full and sleepy... It was a very grown-up party ;) We also played 'Bugman' which is one of the bf's favourite board games.

Today I have to bake lots of things for work tomorrow, and prepare some more things as well. I am currently watching the Ring as well. One of the girls at work asked me for costume tips and due to her long black hair, I suggested Samara from The Ring and she sent me a pic and it was amazing!!! I actually thought it was a really good idea for myself as well (would just need some black hairspray) but I looked in 10 different shops and just could not find a white dress... So Storm it was. Next year I hope to be able to make a much better effort :) Ok, back to my movie now. Hope you enjoyed my party, I must now prepare for the remainder of Halloweekend...


  1. Salutations, WOW your Creations are YUMMY!!! Great ideas here for a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Menu. Your costume is adorable too. Thank you for sharing all your Treats.

    This is my favorite time of year when magic is in the air & beautiful black cats are every where. Please fly by my Halloween Party when you can...

    Hauntingly Yours,
    Lyndy & All My Black Cat Familiars

    Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Haunted Halloween Party ~ This is a gorgeous multiple crystal ring & can be used as a Magickal Dowser...

  2. Wonderful, witchy Tea Party. Everything was delicious, I am stuffed! Stop by mine for some tea & treats.

    Happy Halloween,

  3. What a fantastioc party. I love all of the treats you made. I am so glad I stopped by. If you get a chance come visit me :)

  4. Great yummy ideas here! Thanks for sharing, feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win

  5. Lovely Party!! thanks for all the yummies!
    please come visit mine, there is still time (I have giveaways)

  6. follower those shrunken heads and that pie sounds divine!


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