Stashbusting Baby Booties Collection

Hello again everyone! And of course welcome to my newest follower, I appreciate you (and everyone else) taking the time out to read about my crafts :)

In the spirit of stashbusting, I'm still making stuff. Although I have just gone over my list of things to finish before Friday and I dont think that I'll manage really... Shame as I have so many cool items nearly done! Most of all of course the yoyo project which I really hope I can finish by Friday. I am currently about 35% done so who knows. Also, I really wanted to have one month where I post something I did or made every day (have you noticed yet?) and this is it! In Holland we have a saying which translates to 'the last lead pieces are the heaviest'. There must be an English equivalent but I dont know what it is. My point is that I am struggling to finish the month with a post a day LOL.

So anyway, today's stashbusting projects are baby booties :) I made three pairs and they all have matching other things but when I was snapping pictures of them I took this one and liked it so much I wanted to dedicate an entire post to them!

Dont you just love this picture? I just love the colours and how they're all different but still the same.

I wont tell you which pair of booties goes with what as I have some more pics and they're all sets and I dont want to confuse anyone or make my (according to me) very organised posting all messy. The pattern was found here as usual (I love this pattern), and all of these are for the same person as a present so I think it's within the guidelines of the original post.

The thing I love about stashbusting is that you find fabrics you forgot you had, or you remember what you made with the original pieces. The purple booties are made from a remnant of the purple fleeces I bought at the Stitch & Craft Show in March for a jacket that I made and have to fix as it has a mistake. The blue booties are made from leftover fleece from when I was asked to make something for a colleague's friend. And the orange booties are from fleece remnants from my Halloween house suit which I made about 3 years back (not actually sure if I have a link yet). See what I mean?

It's getting late and I must get to bed. I hope to be posting more craftiness tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!


  1. Very cute booties! I have a friend expecting a baby girl next month, so I might have to root through my stash, too.

  2. These are adorable. I wish I had such talent


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