Christmas Running Outfit

Good evening everyone!
And so it begins... when I was off sick with the one-month cold, I got really annoyed about being sick again. It's just very frustrating when your brain wants to do tons of stuff and your body just doesn't cooperate. Am sure many of you know (or know someone who knows) how annoying that can be. So when that happened yet again, I decided to register for as many runs as I could find to have something to look forward to and work towards. Last Sunday there was a Nativity Run that lots of people from my gym were joining, but as it was also the SantaCon weekend, I wouldn't make it. UNTIL... I realised that one of the routes started just outside the event so that opened up a whole new set of options for me! I registered for a Christmas run on the 21st so I needed a costume anyway so I got started. 

It was an interesting start as I'd spent ages selecting just the right shade of red sparkly fabric and then it turned out I didn't buy enough of it. Doh! So a few weeks later that problem was rectified and I officially begun my Christmas Running Outfit!

I made the same skirt as I made for the Cinderella dress, I just love that it's so light. It's even better than a tutu! I will post a tutorial on this skirt soon as I've been asked about it many times at various events. I still had some white plush from years back in my stash so I cut off about an inch of it and sewed it along the bottom end of the skirt. NOTE: this is not rolled over or even hemmed. It doesn't curl which is great and as it was hanging down anyway, I didn't see the need for hemming.

I love legwarmers. They're 80s I know, but when running they're nice and warm. It would be cold at the run so why now? From my Blood Elf costume I still had these beauties leftover. They look pink but are actually red with gold thread. The sparkles kind of get lost when running so I wanted to change that up a bit. 

I bought a bag of pompoms in Poundland (140 pompons in 5 colours for £1, you can't go wrong with that, and some were sparkly too!) and sewed those onto the leg warmers. Just randomly, using about 10 pompoms (about 5 sparkly and 5 normal) for each leg warmer. The little creature here was a gift from one of the ladies at my sewing group where I did this. She made one for everyone! It was so sweet!

They all had different colours, they were just amazing!

I wanted to keep the top simple as the running numbers are normally huge so there would be no point in putting lots of stuff on the front, so I settled for using the white plush again to hem the collar and the sleeves. Here I did fold the plush as these parts would not just hang down like the skirt but would move constantly.

So with all these parts, I should have an amazing costume! What remained was the hat...

 I'd made two trips to the shop and found two different hats. This was the original plan, using the sparkly hat to match the sparkly skirt. It was cute, close but no cigar.

But when I put this hat with the outfit, it was just perfect! I love how the hat has stripes and the leg warmers have polka dots! This would be the one.

Roll one the Christmas events!


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    1. Dank je wel! Ik kan niet meer via de email antwoorden helaas (geen idee waarom)... heb veel plezier van deze outfit gehad dit jaar :)

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    1. You should really get/make one, they're great fun :) I'll be posting a tutorial on the skirt soon!

  3. Love it! Mine was an embellished sweatshirt that was 3 sizes too big :) Your's is way cuter! have fun

    1. Thank you Sami :) I just love running in a skirt, and this outfit sure got a lot of use this year.


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