Christmassing - It's Cookie Day!

Hi again all!

I declared last Sunday Christmas cookie day. It's been ages since I made proper cookies and what better season for it? I couldn't do it next weekend as I've got a 10K scheduled so I'm going to be like way tired probably (or in pain but I sure hope not!). So right after our yoga session I got started and spent the next 6 hours making cookies. 

One of the girls at work is allergic to gluten and every time I bake something she can't have any so this time I was going to make something for her too :) And I did it in style!

I had my Christmas hat, my Christmas apron, some Christmas music and a ton of sprinkles...

...and this is the end result! The round ones on the top are gluten-free chocolate sugar cookies, the others are normal sugar cookies. I love the tree especially, and the stocking. I'm quite pleased with the results, and I hope work will be too!


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