Christmassing - The Hand Stitched Christmas Decoration Swap

Hi everyone!
I'm finally on holidays!!! I'm so happy :) I did a LOT of overtime in the past weeks just to get ready for the end of the year and now I can thoroughly enjoy my time off without any stress *bliss*

A few months back, I entered into the The Hand Stitched Christmas Decoration Swap over at Paper & String. It was great fun! I had these ornament kits still that I've been wanting to make for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. We had until 2 September to send in the ornaments, and we'd get the new ones back in October. So a very early start for the holidays this year ;)

In true style, they were purple of course. They were lovely and sparkly. The only thing I regret is not adding a proper ribbon to them. I never add ribbon to my ornaments in my trees, I used invisible string instead, so it didn't even occur to me to use ribbon. Doh! I really hope that the people who received them liked them!

These are the ornaments I got in return. Aren't they cute?! I love the little reindeer and the blue one is actually sparkly too. 

Each ornament came with a label telling you more about the maker, and I could see later that people just filled in their blog page. Now that would have been a smart idea ;) But now I know for next time. This was great fun and I hope Paper & String will host another one for next year!


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