Top 10 Posts of 2014

Hello everyone for the very last time in 2014!
The year is nearing the end, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on last year. Alright, I admit it, I totally saw this theme popping up in blogland and thought I'd do the same. I'm not sure how everyone else made their top 10 list, but somehow blogger doesn't have an app for that so I actually took all the posts that I've written and sorted them based on the amount of views they've received. Some surprises there!

For example, my office chair was not even in the list! I really wanted to give it an honourable mention though :) The side view picture was actually much better in hindsight but this one will just have to do.

And now, without further ado, let's have a look at the 10 most popular posts in 2014. Ready?
#10 on the list is:

Mary Berry's Double Crust Apple Pie
I'll definitely be making this again this year, it's really easy to make and so good.

#9 on the list is:

Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake
A little crumbly but very nice nonetheless, and the decorations were literally the icing on the cake ;)

#8 on the list is:

Electric Run London 2014
I've already signed up for this year, and might even be wearing a glowing running skirt! Watch this space :)

#7 on the list is:

Cinderella Running Outfit
I just loved running in this, I don't even think I will change it for next year, it's just so cute :)

#6 on the list is:

So happy I made this, it allows me to go to races by myself without needing someone to hold my stuff. How brilliant is that!

#5 on the list is:

Scissor Sock Giveaway
This was quite popular, it was so much fun to do! I am so glad I got to give one of these away.

#4 on the list is:

Always a great dish, and so easy to make.

#3 on the list is:

I think one of the winners didn't receive theirs (am so sorry!) but the others were very pleased with them. They were so much fun to make!

#2 on the list is:

Scissor Sock Tutorial
My first ever tutorial, thank you all so much for clicking on this so much! I really hope some of you made this, and please send me pics/links when you do. They're just fantastic :)

And the top post of 2014, the #1 post with the most views is:

I was so pleased to finally have used some of the cupcake fleece, and it's so nice and warm that at the moment I use it every day. It's so cheerful and happy in these cold winter months :)

Sadly, I have also lost some things I made this year... when we went to Hastings for Colour the Coast, I seem to have lost my lovely handmade toiletry bag (no I haven't checked with the hotel).I know it wasn't my favourite but I still made it so it's still special to me.

And this is the last picture I have of Witchy Santa and her broom. I left it either in the park or in a Pret branch, but it is sadly also gone... 

Nonetheless, 2014 was alright. Not a great year on the whole to be honest, but a very active one indeed with a lot of great accomplishments to look back to. I've run in 8 races this year, created 36 items, started Tourist Tuesdays, and even posted my very first tutorial! So all in all not too bad. Let's hope the inspiration fairy visits me next year and I'll be creating lots more :)

Have a great time tonight everyone, eat lots, enjoy the fire works and here's to a cracking 2015!


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