Running - Greenwich Park Christmas 5K & 10K

Hello again everyone!
OMG there is no end to Christmas events this year! Whenever I think I'm finally done, there is more... Yesterday, I ran the Greenwich Park Christmas 5K & 10K. Well, clearly I only ran one of them but I was there...

...and in style! I used the shorter wig to run in and it was perfect, it didn't even move. Definitely going to keep that idea for any other race where I need a wig :)

For those of you who don't live in London or don't know quite what the layout of the city is, I live in the West. Greenwich is in the South East. The race started at 10am, meaning I had to be there at around 8.30/9. It was about 90 mins to get there... Well, getting to Greenwich is about an hour but you also have to get to the starting point which wasn't exactly next to the station. So by the time I got there I already felt like I'd done the race LOL. I was really nervous about this race as I managed to really hurt my knee last time and I wasn't sure if I would be able to finish the planned 10K.  

Luckily, this was a race where you didn't have to specify how far you wanted to run beforehand, but you could decide at the end of 5K if you wanted to stop and go into the finish or if you wanted to run another loop of 5K. After about 2K, my knee started to play up so no way I would be able to finish 10K without seriously injuring something. So I ran all the downhill parts and walked the ones that were uphill, and jogged in between. It wasn't too bad. Although I would have loved to finish the 10K!

I still got a medal though, a really cool one too, in the shape of a Christmas pudding!

One lady asked me why I wanted to run this race if I lived so far away. I was a bit embarrassed to say that I liked the medal hihi. But it's a good a reason as any other. And I'll definitely be running here again sometime in the summer with good knees. 

 After the race I went home where I had a pile of pancakes that I'd made the day before was waiting for me :) Yes they're a bit burnt, but then neither yesterday nor today were particularly great days so just ignore that part. 

At least I've done another race in my list of races for 2015 :) The next one is on 1 Feb 2015, and I really hope that my knee is ok by then because that is definitely going to be a 10K one. And I will have the coolest outfit, but more on that another time...


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