Christmassing - Homemade Knitted Scarves

Hi all,
Yes yes Christmas has come and gone and I'm still blogging about it! But now I can finally show you the scarves I made for my sister and my niece! I've only recently started knitting things properly so when these came out really nice I was so proud :)

I got this wool at one of the shows (one in blue for my sister and one in purple/maroon for my niece as she is a little like me and would love it) and the pattern it came with looked fairly easy. NOT! I think I made this scarf about 5 times before I actually gave up on the pattern. There had to be another option! So after yet another few tries, I was about ready to throw this in the corner yet again, when I thought of something that one of the ladies in my sewing group said once about a simple stitch which was just k1p1 (You know who you are G). So I thought I'd try that and voila, all was solved

Check this out, it came out so well! It was simple and has a gorgeous result. I'm very proud of this :)

The ends had fringes as well. It was quite bulky wool but it sure made a really nice and warm scarf.

The blue turned out a bit longer than the purple one, I guess it must the yardage thing as I didn't cut anything off. I think I may actually prefer the blue one, the colour was just incredible, although very hard to photograph.

It really looks so cozy :)

I tried to use the photo app to make the colour come out more, it may have come out a little too bright ;)

The purple edit came out great though, on the top you can see that it has kind of a bluey tinge in the mix.

I really hope that both my niece and my sister will like their new scarves! I really must find this wool and make one for me too, I want one! :) And it sure has boosted my confidence in knitting, so maybe there may actually be a sweater made in 2015? Who knows...


  1. die zien er zalig warm winters uit !

  2. Found you on the link-up at Someday Crafts. Nice scarf. I crochet, but just taught my self how to knit a few days ago. Your scarfs are lovely. I especially love the blue. They look so soft and warm. You done a GREAT job. Nice blog. I have a few linkups too if you would like to check them out. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  3. I love how these came out, I'm sure they are much appreciated. The chunky wool you chose looks great. I love knitting and there are bucket loads of great patterns out there. I would recommend you try something a bit smaller next time. I know when I was starting out I liked quick easy projects so I felt like I was getting somewhere. - good luck!


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