Christmassing - Advent Loot Week 1

Hi everyone!
I've been getting lots of questions about what I've been putting in the pouches of the advent calendar, so I thought I'd share the first week of advent calendar 'loot' with you. It's tricky buying things for guys sometimes!

So I thought I'd post something each week to show you what we received in the lovely new advent calendar :) The bf has already finished all of the edible goodies (boys will be boys) so sadly I hardly have any pics of that, but I did get some of the non-edibles. The bf's advent loot this week:

Dec 1: Sticky tabs to use in his books while studying (no piccie as I have no idea where they are)
Dec 2: Green & Black's organic mini chocolate (Dark)
Dec 3: Ferrero Rocher (1)
Dec 4: Key fob to find lost keys
Dec 5: Mini screw driver (part 1 = the holder only)
Dec 6: Mini screw driver (part 2 = the various bits to use with the holder)
Dec 7: Green & Black's organic mini chocolate (Milk)

My advent loot this week:

Dec 1: Mini cookie cutter (the kind used for pies) (Christmas tree)
Dec 2: Mini cookie cutter (star)
Dec 3: Mini cookie cutter (boot)
Dec 4: Jar of edible glitter (pink)
Dec 5: Kinder chocolate bars (2)
Dec 6: Mini cookie cutter (flower)
Dec 7: Kinder chocolate bars (2)

Not a bad load for the first week :) Yes there are chocolates, but only a few and then the really nice ones. Plus if you only have one Ferrero Rocher, you will just have to be happy with that. Having the whole box just makes me want to finish the box (girls will be girls). The Kinder chocolate is tiny so I packed those in twos. 

Basically, I've wrapped everything, labelled it, and then just divided the presents over the baggies. The relatively small size of the pouch means that if the bf has a larger present, I get a smaller one and vice versa. But because everything was wrapped when I did it, even I don't know what I get on the day. It's great! I'm really enjoying this 'not only chocolate' calendar :)


  1. Love the ideas! Thanks for linking! XOXO

    1. Thank you for hosting the linky party :) I've actually just finished a post with all the ideas together, I hope it will help others get some ideas for next year too !


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