Christmas Zumba 2014

Hi everyone!
Oh my it's been a busy weekend! On Saturday I had quite a few events lined up. We had yoga in the afternoon, followed by the annual Christmas Zumba session. And then I also had to dash off to the LOTNA Christmas party! But I made it all in the end :)

Here is our group picture of the Christmas Zumba session. It was great fun, although my knee hasn't quite recovered from last week's run so at the end I was in pain and a little grumpy. 

This time I'd brought my camera and I really tried to get a decent piccie of the whole outfit, but the fan was next to the tree so all I ended up with was this Marilyn Monroe shot LOL

The selfie worked a little better :) The hair was great! The sparkly Santa hat was too small to fit over the wig even though it's a tiny wig, but I had some fabric leftover from when I bought the wrong amount of fabric for the skirt so I used it as a headband and it worked like a charm! Am so using this for my running event next week :)

In the end I managed to get an ok piccie, no Marilyn effect or at least not as bad ;)

The class ran out by about 30 mins so I had to really run to make it to the LOTNA Christmas party. I arrived just in time for the food, so perfect timing :) There were lots of pics taken but I don't have those yet so I'll update this post when I get them. But I sure was in style for it, hihi. I was not chosen Santas Little Helper this year, partially because I was at the bar at the time and also I think because I did it last year already. It was great just sitting down and enjoying the event!

These were my presents from Santa, aren't they cool! I just love Tim Burton and whoever gave me these made an excellent choice :)

Trust me, when I got home I was knackered! I just collapsed on the sofa with some well-deserved tea. Sunday was amazing too but more in that later...


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