Christmassing - Advent Loot Week 4

Merry Christmas everyone!
I have to admit, I am backdating this post... I had it all prepared and I was way too busy to actually post this... sorry!

So for the final few advent entries, we had the below loot:

The bf had a whistling key finder (yes this was the same one as in week 2, but this was in case he lost the other one, get it? hihi), a Ferrero Rocher chocolate (clearly not pictured as already eaten) and a sweatband where he can stash his tube card when he goes running.

My loot for the last few entries was: mini bar of Green & Blacks organic white chocolate, mini bag of Haribo sours (also already fnished), and a mini jar of blue edible glitter.

I'm really quite pleased with the results for this year. On my part it was quite perfect, for the bf I need to plan a bit further ahead next year as finding stuff that cheap and small yet still great turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I will be posting a complete list of where I got what to give you some ideas for next year! :) Until then, have a great Christmas, I need to go and prepare our Christmas Eve dinner...


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