Christmassing - Advent Loot Week 3

Hello again :)
It hasnt been a week since the last 'Loot' post, but that one was written waaay late... So this week I wanted to be a bit more on time, especially as it's Christmas in a few days already! :)

This week, the bf got: Green & Black mini chocolate bar (sea salt), I couldn't find the wrapper so it's not in the piccie but instead I photographer the highlighter tabs from last week. He also got a wooden puzzle, a garlic peeler (that's the blue thing), a pair of Superman socks (much more appreciated than Homer ones), some Haribo sweets (obviously not pictures), and some hand sanitizer. Hey it's hard to buy presents for guys that fit into an advent calendar! There is one more but he hasn't opened today's one yet so it will be on the next list.

My loot this week was: mini jar of silver edible glitter, a strawberry huller, Green & Black's mini chocolate bar (butterscotch), mini gingerbread man cookie cutter, toothpaste easy squeezer (that's the yellow thing), and two Ferrero Rocher (one is clearly already eaten).

So we're nearly there! I'll be posting a list of where I got what in the new year as I've been getting some questions. I must say, it's great fun to do presents as most of the time I don't even remember what I wrapped!


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