Christmassing - List of Advent Calendar Mini Gifts

Hi all!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of friends, family, and food. And presents. :)

As you know, I made a new advent calendar this year and the pouches were big enough to add a decent gift rather than one tiny (and tbh quite crappy) chocolate.

As promised, I made a list of what kind of presents you can add to your advent calendar without having to spend too much money but still have some good quality chocolates and present come Advent time. So in line with the shopping craze of Boxing Day which I carefully avoid, here is my list. 

General gifts, to be shared between the bf and myself:
  • Green & Blacks organic chocolates, a pack of 8 with each one a different flavour (£2 for 8)
  • Kinder Chocolate bar, pack of 8 bars, split up into 2x 2 bars each (£1 for 8)
  • Haribo mini bags, used as emergency really as they fold great (£1 for 10 bags)
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates, one chocolate as a time (£1 for 4)
Gifts for the bf:
  • Mini screwdriver, given split over 2 days (£1)
  • Study tabs x2, split over 2 days (£2.33 for both)
  • Glasses screwdriver (79p)
  • Socks, I got him 2 pairs (£1 per pair)
  • Key finder, I got him 2 in case he loses on (£1 for both)
  • Sweatband (£1.69 incl shipping)
  • Balloon helicopter novelty toy (94p)
  • Garlic peeler (89p)
  • Sanex hand sanitizer (£1)
  • Wooden puzzle (£1)
Gifts for me:
  • Mini Christmas cookie cutters from Poundland, split pack over 8 days (£1 for 8)
  • Mini edible glitter from Poundland, split over 4 days (£1 each)
  • Study tabs (£1.45)
  • Strawberry huller (£1.19)
  • Toothpaste squeezer (£1.59)
  • Sewing machine needles (£1.50)
  • Hair clip, this was a gift from my mother that I wrapped to use for the calendar
So the bf got 50-50 presents and chocolates, and I got 60-40 presents and chocolates. The cookies cutters were an amazing find as that meant I only spent about 12p per day on a present! And wrapping everything individually meant I didnt even remember half the stuff I bought.

I got most of the presents on either Amazon (some of which came from China so were very cheap but took a while to arrive. If you do this make sure you plan ahead!) In total I spent just under £30 for 48 presents, and I managed to personalise them as well. I'm very proud of this achievement! Of course you can still go cheaper, but to be fair this means about 60p per present on average which really isn't that bad. Especially when you see that some fancy calendars cost around £20 only because it says Star Wars on them or so. I'm sure they're great, but this was so much more fun :)

I hope this list has inspired you for next year, I am definitely keeping my eye out for some good stuff throughout the year now. Have a great Boxing Day everyone!


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