Happy Sinterklaas 2014!

Hi everyone!
Last night, on Friday 5 December, we celebrated Sinterklaas :) It was only a quick celebration this year as I had my work's Christmas party to attend first, but I rushed home and made it just in time for cake and presents :) Nothing wrong with that at all!

My mother was so sweet and shipped tons of yummy goodies over so there was plenty of Sinterklaas chocolates to go around. 

Aren't they cute? And soooo good! They're from a shop in Belgium and the chocolate is just amazing. I haven't had one yet but I know when I do it will be hard to just eat one.

We do celebrate Christmas (of course we do, my blog is full of Christmas prep LOL) but we try to do just one present at Sinterklaas. Granted, this year we did a couple. I gave the bf a couple of DVDs. He loves Vikings so I got him season 1 on DVD, as well as a movie called Wristcutters, which is supposed to be a comedy not unlike Warm Bodies which we loved. I can't wait to watch it soon!

I got some really great pressies also, the significance of which I will explain very soon to you. It's been a busy week and I'm trying to catch up with events here :) Here is a sneak preview:

Do you have an idea yet? Well, the stick on the side is a rolling device for your muscles. Kind of like a rolling pin for your legs. A friend of mine has one and she made it sound so great that I just had to try. I already love it! Underneath you see a blue beanie hat. Some you may know that I really don't like blue (the rolling stick only came in blue, I would have hinted for another colour otherwise!), but the beanie had to be blue. As for the book... let's get into that soon ;)


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