Tourist Tuesday - Christmassing in London

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I had a Tourist Tuesday, but the past few weeks have been busy. And what better post to write at the moment than a Christmas Tourist Tuesday? :) Over the past few weeks I've been dragging the bf along to many Christmas events and markets, not all of which he appreciated. Woops... but most were fun for him too so I'm sure it was fine. I took a ton of pictures and because I do want to show you the best ones but I only have time for one post (Christmas Eve is tomorrow after all!), I made some collages. Just click on the picture if you want to see it bigger. Are you ready? Let's go on a Christmas tour of London!

In early December I had to into Waterstones to buy some gifts, and suddenly this lovely group started singing carols! It was charming :) 

And on the way out, I even spotted the Snowman! Yes and he Snow Dog but I grew up with only the Snowman so I was well chuffed when I got to take a piccie with him :) Am so sending this to my mother! Waterstones was also serving free wine and mince pies but I figured that wine and crafting are never a great combination so I hurried on to sewing group (and some hot choccie).

 I still had a couple of days holidays left at work and because we were way too late with booking anything, I dragged the bf along to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It just gets better every year and during the day it's not so bad. I made sure we went early and we had a wonderful time, with sunshine to boot!

As is tradition, after Winter Wonderland we visited the Harrods Christmas windows. Not an entire post dedicated to them this time, as unfortunately they were not as great as last year and the daylight made pictures very bad due to the sun reflection. Also the bf didn't see the point of this tradition... if you want to see the other windows, just Google Harrods Christmas display and you'll get tons of articles about them. Isn't that knitting mouse just the cutest though??

A few weeks later, I dragged the bf along to the Southbank Christmas market, having had wonderful memories of it. Sadly, it was very meagre this year. We went early again to avoid the crowds but even with some stalls closed, what they had on offer just wasn't amazing. They did have poffertjes and a whole stall with Dickmanns (or a variety thereof) which was yummy but I'd expected more... 

Going to Covent Garden was actually the bf's idea believe it or not. He's not really into the Christmas event thing (even for me it took a few years to develop but there's just not escaping it when you live in London!) but he wanted to get something there. So off we went :) They had some great decorations and we even managed to take a very Christmas-card-couple-photo hihi... 

So far I still have to visit Winterville, which is a market in Victoria Park in the East but I'm not sure I'll make it before the end of the year. And I haven't been to any of the events in the museums or Trafalgar Square. But it's been a good year so far, I've had two Christmas runs, Christmas Zumba, SantaCon, and three Christmas parties. And it's not even Christmas Eve yet!


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