Birthday Report - I'm Old!

Hello again!
As you may have heard, it was my birthday last Wednesday. Oh my I feel so old now! But I had a lovely day, despite not being at work and being congratulated all the time, or getting an office birthday present (although that would be a first anyway!). I went to St James Park to find one of the eggs that had recently been restored. Yes, we're not entirely done just yet!

It was nowhere where I thought it would be, but I found it in the end :) I of course also posted this in my post about zone 5 to make it more complete. I'm nothing if not organised!

 I find that giving London a chance has really made me appreciate it more. I suddenly notice all the old buildings and statues a lot more.

 Plus the parks are so pretty in the sun :)

 This is one of the royal buildings, and even the street lights are wearing crowns!

 When I came home, the bf was there already with flowers and presents. :) He got me this cute basket with flowers, so adorable!

 I also got the movies Twilight - Breaking Dawn (or Twilight 4A as I like to call it), and The Help. I LOVE The Help, it is such an amazing movie! I saw it on a plane once and must have watched it 4 times during the flight. Twilight is a must because this installment is so hilarious that I need to watch it with the bf and listen to his comments. He always has the best comments so this should be fantastic.

 Afterwards we went out for a steak dinner in a nearby restaurant. The last time we went here the service wasn't too great and while it started off a little troubling this time too, we soon got the good waiter and the evening was a hit. The food was amazing and I had my yummy big cocktail :)

 Our best friends joined us as well, which I didn't know and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them again :)

 I ate so much that I didn't really want dessert but I did want the sparkler and the song so I asked if they could do something. We went here as well for my friend's birthday and I asked for her which was so funny! So they lovely 'good' waiter got me this plate with a teeny tiny dessert and a lovely birthday wish. Plus I got the sparkler but I wasn't fast enough with the camera ;)

On the way home we spotted this car which was just too funny not to photograph! Not to worry, I blanked out the license plate just in case, but isn't that funny! I could imagine driving this, though maybe in purple plush ;) 

Now I feel old... I have two the same numbers in my age now! I had a lovely quiet birthday and to top it off I will make the bf watch Twilight with me very soon. Muahahaha! 

Don't forget to enter in my birthday giveaway! It will hopefully be the start of a regular pattern but it would be great to have lots of people join in :) Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  2. 11?
    ik vind londen ook prachtig !
    ( en ga er snel nog eens naartoe ! )
    En je hebt duidelijk een toffe dag gehad !
    goed zo!


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