London Faberge Egg Hunt - The Grand Finale

Hello again everyone!
It is official, I am done with the egg hunt, I found all 209 eggs! Sadly egg 57 will not be made, so that means I am finished :) Have you all been seeing the updates on zone 5 and zone 11, where I show you the final 3 eggs I was still missing last week? I can't believe it's over, though having spent the last week without the egg obsession was actually really nice, hihi.

There is one more thing I have to show you though, besides the collage of course! Yes, I am now able to make the final collage, it came out really well I think! I couldn't get the exact format I wanted but the one I could do worked out better actually so it's all good. Yes, I'm totally excited! I have also allowed myself to txt in 3 codes so who knows I may actually win the grand prize! It has a chance of about 1:1 million but one can always hope ;) So do you know what the grand prize it? Let me show you, this is so eggciting!

Behold the grand prize! The GBP 100,000.00 real Faberge egg with 60 different gemstones in it. Isn't it gorgeous! Ok it doesn't really go with my decor, but it's shiny :) And yes, those are MY HANDS!

OMG, I got to hold this gorgeous (and really expensive!) egg!!! I was so nervous and hardly dared to move! There is one pic that I haven't shared here actually that shows me all nervous hihi. I had to take off all my rings as to not scratch the egg as well. It was actually quite heavy. I was so eggcited! Get it? EGGcited? Hihihi...

 These were the lovely people in the Faberge store that allowed me to pose with the egg. They even had a fancy Humpty Dumpty in the shop with them that held the egg too! So cute :) Everyone was so friendly, it's really nice to see how you get to meet great people when doing something like this.

This is it, the finale piece. Well, I guess the Faberge egg was the finale piece, but this is my collage of all the eggs I found :) It was so much fun! 

Thank you Big Egg Hunt and of course also a big thank you to all my readers for following this hunt :) It's so nice to be able to do something like this for a change and I really enjoyed it :) Now I just have to prepare for Easter... Think I have enough ideas on how to decorate my eggs? ;)


  1. Well done! I've enjoyed following you on your hunt! and good luck!!

  2. omg you held the actual £100,000 gold faberge egg!!!!! Thats amazing!! Well done! I've really enjoyed browsing through all your photos of the eggs...thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share with us! xx


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