London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 7

Yes yes yes, another zone done! Zone 7 has also been completed and no missing eggs this time, whoohoo! Zone 7 is Trafalgar Square, also an area I don't visit too often so I had to ask for directions a few times... See, even after nearly 7 years in London I still don't know my way around the most famous areas! But I guess I'm chasing that now ;) honestly, I don't think I have ever walked this much! I better have lost some weight or something after this... 

The result for zone 7. I found them all! I have to admit that I missed three and had to go back another day but I did manage to find them all in the end :) Again, if you want to see the whole list for this zone, please click here. The entire listing is taking a bit too much time at the moment ;)

As always, my favourites of this zone. Also, this way you can see a better pic of these which is always good I guess as some of these are amazing!

 This is egg 5, Around the World in a Dream. I really liked the way it's painted, very Burtonesque. The bf says it's more like Mary Poppins though... what do you think?

 Another very Londony egg was egg 128, Our Team. It displays the people who will be competing in the Olympics fr England, and while I don't know most of them, I can definitely recognise Paula Radcliffe here in the front :) Go me! Well I hardly ever watch sports... 

 This little guy was just too cute not to include! Egg 114, Egg Hog. He actually looks different from the other side but I didn't know that at the time. You can see the other side if you click the link above.

 No this is not an egg ;) But with the all the travelling I had plenty of time to work on my cross stitch in the tube (with lots of people looking at me strangely of course as it's not the normal book/ipad/kindle/game idea). But I'm getting very far already! I have no idea when this will be finished but there is another needlework meetup tomorrow where I can happily continue. At least I'm still crafting :)

Zone 7 Trafalgar Square can now officially be ticked off. No eggs to go back for, it's finished :) Yay! The total count is looking quite well I must say with only a few more to go. I have an idea for a grand finale post about these so keep your eye out for that. On the other hand, let me fnish this thing first ;)


  1. What a fun thing to do! Glad you are sharing this with us.
    ~Naila Moon

    1. Thanx Naila! I really do hope that others enjoy it also :) I am having a brilliant time although I didnt see many today as it was freezing and I didnt have a coat. But I still have about 3 zones done that I need to share and then the 2 to finish for the final tally. Yay!


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