London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 11

Good morning everyone!
It's a wonderful new day here in London with the sun coming out (though some horribly cold wind) and I can relax in knowing I won't have to go egg hunting for a while. Why, do you ask? Because I'm FINISHED!!! I have found all 206 eggs out of 209 which kind of means I'm done. With one egg never made and 2 destroyed, I have found all I could possibly find. There is talk about them making a 210th egg but until I hear more, my eggsession is over. But not yet fr you because I have at least 2 more posts to share with you as I have to show you what I found of course :)

Yesterday morning I headed out to visit The City. I was going to do this on Tuesday as I had to be in the area for interviews anyway but it was so cold and I didn't bring my coat that I only found about 5 eggs. Luckily I checked the Big Hunt FB page as a lovely good Samaritan posted a walk-through for exactly this zone on how to find all the eggs in the most strategic way. As The City would be by far the biggest challenge because all the eggs were so spread out and I really never really explored the area, I was very grateful and managed to find all the eggs in about 2 hours :)

Zone 11 had 21 eggs and I managed to get them all, none were out for TLC. There were some interesting shapes in this zone and some eggcellent concepts. For a full list and description of all the eggs in this picture, please click here

As always, let me share my favourites with you. Really, these eggs are hilarious!

Egg 18 - Chicken Crowd. How funny to paint chickens on an egg! It makes me think of my apron ;)

 Egg 66 - Zero Is... Do you remember this market? It's Leadenhall Market where I saw one of the pancake races :) I just love the Victorian layout here, and because I was here before noon it was really empty. I took a much better pic of this egg, but I've entered the competition and you can't publish the pics you enter. So alas you have to wait for that one. I don't expect to win of course, but it's fun!

 Egg 49 - Birdie, just outside the Gherkin. For those of you who don't know what the Gerkhin is, it's the trader's building, click here for a picture. If you've ever seen the movie A Good Year, you'll see Russell Crowe working in this building. So the golf ball egg works really well here as we all know that golfing is grat for business relationships (or so TV tells me).

 Egg 117 - Rara Avis. I just love this one with the crisscross ribbon and the flowers. Looks partially like a real Faberge egg yet also like a chocolate egg at the same time.

 Egg 55 - Metropolis. Just a very cool concept and the only one of its kind. Some eggs look similar to each other but no one else came up with neon so this is brilliant! 

 Egg 46 - The Geocentric Model. Again a whole new concept. Not sure if you could look into this as I was distracted by some suits walking past who were surprisingly friendly and asked me about the egg hunt. They were like: 'look she's doing the egg hunt!' and proceeded in asking me questions. LOL, it's nice to be surprised like that sometimes.

 Egg 68 - From little acorns mighty oaks may grow. I actually missed this one on Tuesday (no idea how as it was right there where I walked), but it's lovely. I love the colours and the swirls :)

 And last but not least egg 78 - Egg Cup. I met some lovely ladies who were totally blocking this and I had to ask them to move aside after which they immediately offered to take my pic. How sweet! Yay I did it, I finished zone 11 and all just before noon so the lunch crowd did not get in the way :) I kind of see this lovely golden egg cup as my prize hihi... 

Only 16 eggs more to go, let's get going!!

UPDATE - 19/03/2012
I found it! I found the 210th egg :) I had an interview in the City so I went out looking for it. 

It's egg 210 - Panda the BlackRock Asian Egg. It's very cute for a quick addition really :)

That's zone 11 officially done. They better not make even more! Hahaha... I took a pic with me in it as well but it came out really bad. But trust me, I was there. Whoohoo!


  1. Although I don't always comment I've really enjoyed following your egg hunt!
    My favourites today are #49 and #55!


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