London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 2

Hi everyone!!
We have yet another very cool event in London, one that I actually have time to participate in for a change :) Last year we had elephants, this year we have eggs. Welcome to the 2012 London Faberge Egg Hunt!

There are 209 eggs displayed all over London and the idea is that you find as many as you can and text in a code that is unique to each egg in order to have a chance of winning a real Faberge egg worth of about £100K. Now, with a price tag of 25p per txt msg and over 200 eggs, the entry can cost you up about £50 which is a little steep for my liking, so personally I am just trying to find the eggs for the fun of it, so this way it's free! I already bought my travel card for this month to save on all the trips I have to make to agencies and what not, so all I need to do is make sure I eat before I leave and this is a fab and frugal day out in London :)

But where to start? London has been divided up into 12 egg zones and clues are given as to where the eggs are. It would make sense to start at zone 1, but me being me, I decided to start in zone 2. This zone had the most eggs with 47 in this zone alone so it made sense to start with the most difficult and time consuming zone first. Plus Mayfair isn't exactly an area I've been in a lot so it was nice to see something of London I hadn't seen yet. Would you like to see my result? Not to worry, I won't actually post pictures of 47 eggs in one post, that would be crazy even for my standards! LOL. But I do want to share some ofmy favourites with you, just to give you an idea.

Eggs and Soldiers. So far definitely my favourite. Not only was this egg displayed as a shop window display, it was part of an entire food display, including a gigantic ice cream. Egg and soldiers are very English where you have small slices of bread with your egg to dunk into the egg yolk.

I love this one also, it's called On/Oeuf, and has a lightbulb in the middle! Love the play on words, I just think it is hilarious :)

The Linley Brittania Egg. I love the way this is displayed so structured and with matching colours. Very organised :)

This egg is actually called Egg. It currently has the highest bids with £9000!

Sadly not all eggs were there. I walked around and spotted this box that should have held an egg but alas it wasnt there. Later on when I passed it again, there was a note that the egg was undergoing maintenance. I'll come back another day and see if it's back... it should have had the Peace Egg, such a shame :(

Some shops really worked the whole egg these into their display, even with bunnies! The egg can be seen in the back there with the flowers on it. The egg is called Nympheas. I thought the display idea was really cute. In the menswear branch on another street they didnt have an egg but they did have the bunnies also.

Some eggs were a little harder to find, like this one called Love is Life. It was on top of the bar sign at Claridges. The nice lady in the hotel hinted it to me. Really, how many times can you go into one ofthe most expensive hotels in London, ask staff where the egg is and they happily show you the way? Fantastic! It was so funny that this question was not in any way strange ;)

This gorgeous bird cage egg is called All the Stars, Moon, and Sun. I had to ask directions for this one as it was around the corner in another street while the map said the main street that the shop was on. Some of these were really hidden well!

Others I just walked into by accident, like this egg 'Remarkable Connections', displayed by the East India Trade Company. Yes really... After I took the first picture, someone happened to walk into the shop and turn the egg (didn't know that was possible) so I could take two pics :)

The Angel Hatching seemed to be very tricky as lots of people I spoke to excitedly asked me if I had found this one yet. For me it was logical to look high up as the sidewalk was way too small to display an egg LOL.

OMG there was even a frugal egg! Made competely out of pennies. Well, covered in them really. Of course I had to be in the picture with said egg :) It's called A Penny for Your Thoughts.

I can tell you my feet hurt after doing this egg hunt. I had to walk back several times to locations I'd already been because I'd missed one or didnt know the street was not where I thought it was. But at least now I know my way around Mayfair much more ;) I spent one hour trying to find the last egg on my list, Hatch, but when I couldnt fnd it anywhere after having walked up and down New Bond Street three times (and it's a long street!) and I was losing the light, I decided to just call it a day and come back for it another time. Only to read online when I searched for it that it had been STOLEN!! No wonder I couldnt find it!! I think the police have found the egg but still have to finish their investigation so the egg is still not on the street. Duh! That was an hour gone to waste...

This is the result of the day. Not bad I think. One egg out for R&R (though I found the location so it still counts I think) and one stolen (so annoying), in total still 46 eggs located :)

I'm having so much fun doing this! I'm trying not to only do the egg hunt but go for meetings etc first and do the egg hunt when I have a minute since I've done the biggest section now anyway. I'm so curious to see if I can find all 209 eggs :) I will keep you posted!

UPDATE - 6 MARCH 2012:

I found it! The egg has been fixed and placed back on its box :) Ladies and gentlemen: the Peace Egg. Sadly enough there were some very faint traces of graffiti visible underneath the beads (yes, this is an egg made out of beads and feathers) but it was gorgeous! So glad I found it!

UPDATE - 14 MARCH 2012:

Egg 136 - Hatch has been replaced, whoohoo! I have now successfully concluded zone 2 also and found all 47 eggs here :)


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