London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 10

Hi everyone!
Are you ready for the last bit? We have a saying in Holland that the last pieces of lead are always the heaviest and oh my was that the truth! I was starving but told myself I could have a nice lunch in a restaurant if I managed to find all the eggs today. Luckily I always carry some food with me so I was ok for the time being. I set off to Southbank, zone 10, which was to be my last zone. The weather was lovely and sunny, so with my rice cake firmly clutched in my hand I started the hunt.

I found them all! And some of these were not easy, trust me... But in the end I managed and I could have my nice lunch. For a list of all the eggs in this zone, click here.

You guess it, it's time for my favourites :)

 Hey look who it is! It's Wally again! I couldn't pass where I wanted and had to walk around a construction site and he was right there, in front of the London Eye! Such a coincidence! I wonder if it counts that I found him twice? ;)

Egg 17 - The Great Eggscape. So cute, I just had to share it with you! This was the first egg in the area that I found but also the last one I saw as it was right outside my chosen lunch venue.

Egg 130 - Eggsquisit London. I love this one! So very Londony :) I really think that this egg hunt has made me appreciate London again, and with eggs like these who could not?!

 Egg 52 - Eneggmatic Egg. This was a fascinating egg! I was lucky that it was sunny as this egg starts off a really dark purple and lightens up when the sun shines on it. I have seen pics of it nearly black, but also nearly white. A brilliant concept! If you look closely, you can see that the pinkish side spells out 'WARM' over and over again. Obviously the darker side is in the shade. It was tricky to photograph, but a def fav of mine (also linked to it being in fact purple hihi)

Egg 27 - Samara. This was by far the trickiest egg yet. I walked around for ages trying to find this as it was said to be outside. After a while I asked in the bookshop as this was the very last egg of the zone and besides some mopping up of Operation Scrambled Egg I would be done. So I went into the bookshop and the shop assistant was a bit pissy and told me I had to find it myself. I explained that it was the very last one and he quickly told me where it was. He was extremely snappy about it though which wasn't exactly pleasant. Anyway, and you have to hear this, the egg was outside yes but you couldnt see it from the outside, nor get to it from the outside. You had to go inside the National Theatre, walk the stairs all the way to the very top, go outside on the balcony, round the corner, and THERE was the egg. Who came up with that??? But in the end I found it *phew*. I made sure to go back to be crabby shop assistant to say thank you (maybe he would appreciate it?) and left for my well-earned restaurant lunch at Wagamama.

After finished Operation Scrambled Eggs and having finished the egg hunt completely, I had another interview and then I was off to one of the meetup groups for some serious crafting. :) My cross stitch is making eggcellent progress!

I had a lovely day and I can't believe I finished the hunt!! I now have to wait and see if they manage to repair the two broken eggs, if the missing egg will ever be made, and also if they are going to make a 210th egg. All the eggs will be displayed in Covent Garden in the Easter Weekend (so why do the hunt?!) but this was much more fun. I have one more post to show you with the grand prize and a very nervous me, and once I know I've found all I could find, I will post a grand collage of all the eggs. It's starting to look good already!

So thanx for sticking with me through all this, I had a blast! Plus I made sure my travel card was used to the max which is always a benefit :) Now I can focus on a new project so tomorrow I'm off to the Stitch & Craft show for my annual pre-birthday crafty shop. Hope you're all having a nice day/evening depending on where you are!!


  1. Have enjoyed seeing all your egg posts! :D

  2. How fun. The Waldo egg would be my favorite, too. :)


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