London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 12

Hi again everyone!
Yes I know, I'm getting obsessed with these eggs! But stick with me coz they're so much fun :) I've found a lot so far, plus I just love making collages of the day's result :)

So what I do normally is deal with all job hunting in the morning (yes, still looking...) and then as a reward I get to go egg hunting in the afternoon. OR if I have interviews I go afterwards or in between appointments. This week I had a few so I have a few more posts lined up with egg results. You dont mind do you? I think that once this craze has finished I can properly focus on crafting again. Otherwise I really have a problem ;)

On Tuesday I had lunch with a friend in Canary Wharf which was brilliant coz I could hunt eggs afterwards :) Another friend joined me later and I would not have found some eggs without his help I can tell you! Some of them were so well hidden!

Of course I have to share my favourites with you, and this is it! This giant chocolate egg (yes, real chocolate!) will be auctioned off on 20 March already (earlier than the others) and I would have missed it if my friend wouldn't have seen the plaque on the window. Doesn't it look yummy?

Another nice one is this egg displaying a phoenix. Yes it's pink but it's still nice. (don't tell anyone I said that!)

This was the last egg we found, by accident on our way back to the tube having given up on ever finding it. It changes colour and of course I had to wait for it to become purple :)

So that is zone 12 done, yay! Of to the next one, I managed 2 in one day, how cool is that?!


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