London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 4

Hello again everyone!!
It's raining outside so I thought I'd write a quick morning blog post before heading off again. I have to say, this egg hunt is really addictive!! On a positive side, they found the two stolen eggs and they're currently getting some TLC before being put back in their original locations. On a negative side, some moron decided it was cool to smash one of the eggs in St James' Park to pieces. I heard this by the lady from the egg department in Selfridges yesterday, and it was on a blog here. I havent been to St James' Park yet so I havent confirmed it, but just the thought makes me so angry! This is something for charity and it is organised by lots of good people, and then someone just destroys the eggs? Grmph, not cool!

Ok that's it for the bad news today ;) A few days back I was headed to some interviews and I had to pass Green Park which as it happens was zone 4. It was also right next to zone 2 from last time but I was too tired to skip zones and I didnt have the map so I had to come back anyway. So in-between interviews I went out of the tube, ran around the park (read: walked quickly, I was in heels!), and found all 6 eggs. It helped that they werent green LOL.

I was originally planning on posting a pic of all 6 eggs individually but have since discovered Google Collage which is brilliant! So I wont have to bore you with all the pics but can show them to you in one big one. Plus less work in the resizing department for me :)

Ok I had to share two of them that I really liked. This one is very pretty I thought, and matches the laptop sleeve I made ages ago for my niece. This egg was La Vie en Rose.

And there was a proper purple egg too! With sheep! So funny! Love this colour *big smile* This egg was called Baaaar-bara which I thought was hilarious also.

But it was getting dark so had to continue to my next appointment. Sometimes London can be so pretty :)

Oh yes, and I made some progress on my cross stitch! I'm hoping to go to the sewing meet tonight and work on it some more :) A little creativity is needed as I'm slowly starting to dream about eggs...


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