London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 1

Yes I'm back with more eggs!
I admit I am totally obsessed with these at the moment, but I kind of feel like I'm on a World of Warcraft quest and have to find all of them. So bizarre! LOL But indeed so much fun. That is until I cant find the last scheduled egg of the day, my feet hurt, and I really need sustenance. But otherwise yes :)

So after the trip to Canary Wharf, my friend and I went after zone 1. It was right on the tube line so that was handy. Zone 1 was in Bond Street and covered only 3 locations: Gees Court, St Christopher's Place, and Selfridges. I always get lost in Selfridges so this should be fun...

This zone had so many cool eggs I have to show some of them to you in detail :)

My favourite egg so far. It's made by Alton Towers to promote their new attraction, and was deemed so disgusting by ALL the hotels and shopkeepers that no one wanted it in front of their store. So in the end they had to suspend it in the air. I think this egg looks really wicked (and gives me great ideas for Halloween!).

This was just a really cute idea, I thought, with the zipper like that. Very crafty inspired :)

OMG I had to show you this. You see that tiny white blog with a smile on it? THAT's the egg! OMG it took me forever to find this one!!

Inside Selfridges they love to confuse people. Sadly none of these were eggs related to the hunt although there were some nearby. But I really eggcited there for a minute! Get it? EGGcisted? Hihihi, ok I have a problem ;)

The most Londony egg ever, it can call itself the Alpha egg with pride. Lots of images of the queen and other Londony things on it. Very cute :)

There was also a pop-up egg shop inside Selfridges where you can buy miniature versions of 30 of the most popular eggs. These babies come at a price though (around £300!) but they are totally cute. And no, I didnt cheat and took pics of these instead of the real ones! ;)

Not an egg but way cool, so maybe a good idea for next year: giant shoes! :)

As Selfridges has the only place I know with sushi-quality fish, I bought some and made sushi for the bf and me. So yummy! See, I'm getting better :)

I think I've earned some rest now, all that walking... though I do expect to have lovely toned leggs soon, hihi!


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