Giveaway Reminder and WIP

Hi again all!
I hope you're outside and enjoying this fine weather also :) Not me as I tried going outside and the wind is just horrible! BUT the light is just perfect for some projects so I'm busy being very crafty yay!

Don't forget, you have about 7 more hours to enter the giveaway, so please click here to enter if you want to win one of my fabulous teacup pincushions :) On Monday the store will go live so you will have a chance to be the owner of the first ever MBCL creation!

If you enter, you get to choose one of these gorgeous teacup pincushions :)

I'm really trying to get this cross stitch done so I can start other projects... This was my progress status last weekend...

And this was it last Friday. Not bad if I do say so myself :)

The light is perfect for crafting today so I'll continue now, I just wanted to remind you of the giveaway :) Good luck everyone and have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Cross stitch looks fab! I love doing Me2You cross stitches...they're just soooo cute!!


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