London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 3

Good morning!
I have to speed this up a tad if I also want to blog about St Paddy's Day projects and my big treat on Friday. OMG who knew I could talk/write this much? Well, actually probably a lot of you and most certainly the bf ;)

So on Monday I decided to tackle zone 3, Knightsbridge and Sloane Square. Knightsbridge is not an area I go to a lot but it's on the Piccadilly line which I had to take coming back from the airport (had to drop off the bf) and I have a friend in the area so it was a logical choice. Right? That's what I thought too. Except that Knightsbridge doesnt actually officially open until about 10am which meant that any eggs found in stores were unreachable to me until that time. In about 3 hours I managed to find only 3 eggs in the whole area. And there were not that many to begin with! So I called my friend and we had lunch together (with a lot of Coke for the caffeine rush, I'd been up since 5 after all), and then I tried again. Miraculously, I managed to locate all the other eggs within an hour! Maybe it was the caffeine or maybe it was just my brain waking up, but I managed to finish the zone by 3pm :) Whoohoo!

This is the day's result for zone 3. Very good don't you agree? And not a single egg missing or damaged :) Taking some of the pics was a bit tricky though since they were indoors but I did my best. Find the full list here (yes really coz listing all of them seperately was taking me way too long...)

As always, below are a few of my favourites for you so you can see them a bit better.

 McLaren even hosted an egg! Behold the egg 154, Inception. How many of you checked out the car first? ;) This was sadly one of the reflection issues but it came out ok I think.

 Egg 182, The Prepp Egg, was located inside Tommy Hilfiger. Well, not really inside but did you know they have a killer roof terrace? The weather was amazing and I would have loved to just down there for a bit and work on my cross stitch although I probably would have fallen asleep in the lovely warm sun ;) The egg was covered in bow ties (some sort of plastic/metal), maybe an idea for Easter? ;)

This has to be one of my ultimate favs! Ok not as cool as the gruesome egg from zone 1, but so very British! It's 188: The Union Jack Egg! I really wanted to find this one and now I have :) It's kind of up there with the Wally egg. Plus this is now my new (temporary) FB profile pic, hihi...

It's official, zone 3 is done :) As there were still a few hours left in the day, I actually had enough time to work on zone 5 as well which was fab in the lovely weather :) But more on that later. Enjoy your day everyone!


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