London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 5

I'm back with more egg news! As discussed in the previous post, I also managed to clear zone 5. Well, technically at least as some moron actually managed to COMPLETELY DESTROY 2 eggs! Honestly, who would do that?? First: it's for charity; Second: if you don't like it, don't look, it's only for a few weeks; Third: it's so inconsiderate for all those who do want to participate in the egg hunt. Argh, this frustrates me so much! But luckily they didn't get all of them and we were able to enjoy the others. See, you have to be quick here, or something bad might happen to whatever you're supposed to be hunting/watching/doing... LOL

 Result of zone 5, not bad don't you think? I think you can imagine what my favourite is of these ;) As always, the list can be found here. Sadly this collage does include the 2 empty boxes, even the boxes were damaged!

But let me share my favourites with you :) After all, it was a lovely day in the park!

It's Humpty Dumpty with egg number 103! He is so the cutest!! 

There were only 9 eggs in this zone and 2 were obviously not there, so I only have 2 favs here, but this one is my second favourite. It's egg 43, Pretty Polly. It was floating in the pond and the ducks around it were just so cute! Very cool location for an egg :)

It was a beautiful day and really nice and warm in the sun. I'd never been to that part of St James Park before, we always meet at the other side of it when we meet for the ClownCon, so this was a real treat.

The pond was lovely and quite big with lots of duck variations in it.
 The view was also very nice, I could even see the London Eye from here! If you click on the photo to enlarge I'm sure you can see it also.

Unless they managed to repair the two vandalised eggs, I have now also finished zone 5. 2 more zones and I'm done! Plus what someone on FB called Project Scrambled Eggs which basically means finding all the ones out for TLC at the time of searching. I like the name!

On another frustrating note, the new blogger style of posting has messed up the lettering of my posts... I normally use this lovely font size that now seems impossible... so stick with me while I try to figure this out, I hope I can work around it or the posts will end up having massive letters!

I'm pre-blogging this so hopefully when I return from today's hunt I will have fund all the ones I'm still looking for... Fingers crossed everyone!

UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2012:
I found another egg! Sadly not both as one of them is still undergoing repairs so I'm still one egg short in this zone, but the 2nd one has been recreated by the artist so it's here :) I found it on my birthday as I was taking a lovely stroll in the park.

 This is it, this is egg 16 - Song Thrush.

 There was a very nice Spanish family passing by as I clumsily tried to take my own picture, so they kindly offered to help. It came out quite well and I actually look very birthday-ish I think ;) hihi

UPDATE - 28 MARCH 2012:
Yes, I found the last egg!!! I am really officially done now, especially as they say that egg 57 will never be made :( Shame, but on the other hand it is nice to know that I really did find all 209 available eggs :)

I had another interview yesterday so after quickly checking the FB page if the egg was back, I made my way to St James Park in the lovely spring weather to find the egg. Honestly, who would have thought it would be over 20C in London this time of year?! Anyway, the egg was easy to find and I used my time in the sun to make some more calls and enjoy the weather before heading off to my next destination.

 This is it, my last egg: 82 - Rainforest. They put a box over it which I think is a brilliant idea as this one was smashed to bits before. Still can't believe anyone could do that, so sad!

I have one more post for you as a finale piece, so I'm about to write that now. Plus the long awaited collage will be in that as well! Whoohoo, I'm done!


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