Visit to Brueggen, Germany

Hi all, It's weekend at last!! The bf has cancelled his weekend plans due to his shoulder (poor him, he was so much looking forward to it!) so I had replan a few things, including my Practical Magic Blog Party which I was going to prepare tonight. As usual I planned this in the last second, with all the EFF stress I just didnt manage to get anything done! To tie you over though, I wanted to show you a little bit of Brueggen, Germany, where we were last weekend. It is a small town, very popular with elderly tourists (not us! LOL) and my sister lives close by. Which is why I dragged the bf along for a quick visit and breakfast.

See our yummy German breakfast? The bf looked a little weary as there was a wasp aiming for our food and he tried to stare it down ;)

I was completely delighted with our lovely brekkie outside and enjoyed it very much :)

Then we went to visit the 'Brueggen Burg' also known as the castle of Brueggen.

Did you know that they found documents about this castle in 1289?

The gate has this massive door which was very impressive. Doesnt look that big does it?

Think again! LOL. The bf was also very impressed

I liked the way that there was nature everywhere, even if it was in a pot

The bf waiting patiently for me to finish taking my pictures :) (pre-fall so not as annoyed yet here haha)

We slowly walked back around the castle, having this lovely view

Yes, definitely the country side ;)

Which can clearly be seen by this: spiders! This was a massive one!

We then went to do some shopping (Knorr Fix, yumm!) and had dinner with my sister. You know the rest LOL. Backwards posting is the way! ;) Now I will craft some more, maybe start my blog for tomorrow and enjoy my Friday evening. Relaaaaaxing :)

If you want to read more about the town of Brueggen which is actually quite old and used to be French actually (yes really, when the Netherlands didnt spread that far south-east yet and Belgium was entirely French also) which I thought was hilarious, you can read more about it here. Enjoy and see you tomorrow for the Practical Magic Blog Party!


  1. OMG A SPIDER!!! I hate them, just hate them. *shivers*


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