Herstmonceux Castle Weekend 2011

Hello again everyone!
After all that crafting we had to enjoy ourselves too of course :) And even though this was our 6th year, it was still a blast :) The bf did the archery, I socialised and worked on my dress. And all in the country with lovely sunshine, bliss!

I just love this castle, every year I take pictures of it and there are so many good angles!

The bf at the archery competition. Yes, this was on bright and early every morning...

There were a lot of people on Monday when the weather was super nice, all watching the battle

We were quite in the back but my zoom still got a few fighting pictures...

Us watching the battle, you can tell the bf was a little sleepy still ;)

Belly dancing performance was also included of course

As well as this lovely woodworker whose website I cant remember right now, but we ordered some wooden plates and I bought a wooden portable weaving kit which is bound to appear on this blog sometime soon. :)

Look! Wildlife! Not something you see in London... is this a scarab? No idea... But it was quite fascinating :)

Some of our friends cooked their dinner medieval style, it looked so easy but it took years of practice to be able to make something really nice.

And then we had to go back home and back to the 21st century... three days without computers was actually really nice I must admit! Now it's back to long days at work and finishing my to-do list with numerous crafty projects. Hang on, I like the crafty bit!!! I was actually planning to do something this evening but after blogging there is only a little bit of time left before I have to go to bed. Oh well, more soon with lots of crafty bits and maybe even a giveaway :)


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