Stashbusting Flower for Baby Room

Hi all,
I am so behind on my projects, and only this week and then Stashbusting September is finished! So without further ado, here is yet another project done.

At the moment I am making a rather large baby package for someone at work who just had a baby girl, so lots of girly stuff to make. He doesnt read my blog so I dont have to worry about him seeing anything before actually receiving it next week.

This flower was actually done a few weeks ago but I wanted to post everything together at first, so that's why I didnt publish this yet. It's much more fun to post this bit by bit though, especially when you see the materials I've used :) As always, the original idea for this comes from Bird Crafts.

Let's start off with the flower pot. A few months ago, in summer, I bought a few small pots for some herbs but never bought the herbs themselves so I had these and had been planning on making some flowers like this for a while. Score! I painted the pot purple (still leftover from last year's Halloween projects) and MP'd various Disney pictures on it which were originally (you will love this) chocolate wrappers from Disneyland Paris chocolate brought by another kind colleague for the team. Do you think it's girly already?

Of course I had to add a ribbon but somehow none of the ribbon I had seemed to match. So I used two sizes of pink (of cours) ribbon and did not make a bow in the front but a heart, and placed of my lovely polka-dot buttons in the middle, yellow with white dots to stand out properly. There is a small stain on the side where I MP'd too much but that's just a small detail which I hope no one will notice (although pointing it out doesnt help LOL)

I added some green netting for the 'grass', made the stem out of drinking straws covered in blue electrical tape (going for colourful here), and used some leftover green felt for the leaves.

Now this is where I had to search a bit as I didnt want to make it too girly and pink, so I decided on making each petal a different colour. It actually worked out quite well and my fabric scraps stash has now dimished by a bit :)

I really hope my colleague will like it, I think this will look lovely in any baby room :) And it will match the other presents too! Or so I hope... 4 more days to go and so many projects to finish!


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