Vampires at EFF Arcen 2011 (Sunday)

Hello again :)
On Sunday we had another day at the EFF. The bf was in so much pain that he didnt want to dress up, but who could blame him! And after all, he still looks smashing in his normal stuff *swoon*

Today we went with my family, which usually means we meet them somewhere and end up losing them about 5 times in the course of the next few hours LOL. So we only have a handful of pics together but better than nothing.

Unlike the dress rehearsal, the vampire outfit had a last minute wig change. I bought this white wig which was great! It didnt have a lot of hair which was a shame, especially in the wind but if it wasnt too windy it was perfect :)

We had even bought vampire teeth but somehow they wouldnt stay in. This is me testing them to get the paste to dry. Looked good but very inconvenient.

We had to visit my friend Detlef from Shades Nosferatu. As always he had a magnificent display.

Of course just because we went as vampires that didnt mean that there were no more zombies... check out this Santa zombie! So creepy!

As we walked on, we saw these Nazgul... look threatening dont they?

Wrong! They were taking the medieval dancing class!!! OMG I havent laughed so hard in ages! I dont know how to take a video with my camera but this was so funny! If I find it on youtube I will most definitely share it!

Remember the teacup hat from yesterday? At the same location, I also spotted this lovely little button hat. I so need to make one of these! I love it!!!

The bf was asked to be zombie tested since he had (obviously) been in contact with zombies hihi! They made this chair device with lots of smoke etc, it was so funny!

You MUST be curious about the dress! I dont have a lot of pics yet as this was really more the socialising day but the bf took this pic of me yet admiring the view of our new apartment in Cloud City, hihi...

I actually found this picture also! It really shows the front very well :) I had to cut some people off but I want to show you the dress after all ;) So, what do you think? I felt very pretty all day :)

This is my friend Mandy who I see twice a year at EFF only. She made this gorgeous Naga dress which looked amazing.

This lady also comes to EFF every year and always has these funny ideas. Check out her pool dress, dont you just want to go for a swim?

At 2pm it was time for the annual forum meet picture where all the forum people come together and we have our pic taken together. As we were about the first ones there, we sat around and posed a bit. Shortly after this photo was taken there was this massive gush of wind and the wig nearly went flying. It is a very silly photo which I have consciously chosen not to share :) Oh yes, the girl on the left is my niece, isnt she adorable in her vampy outfit? Yes, adorable is the right word, she is only 13!

Of course I had to have a photo with my darling sister also. She wanted to go as a vampire too (hence I made the vampire dress to match her) but in the end it was too cold and she was all zombie/monster/really gross. And she wanted to bite me! Hahaha, we had so much fun :)

Finally we were all there and we had our picture taken. The group was fairly small, not like last year but it was still good fun. And this year I was right in the middle :)

On our 3rd time around the EFF we found Denise and Chris, yet more people I only see once or twice a year. I love how she always poses so well, this was the 'lovey dovey' pic, hihi

And being bitten by Mandy the Naga LOL

Of course we had to joke around a bit! And yes, I know that we look very much alike, everyone keeps telling us! LOL

We had some tea and a lovely chat in the sun, while the bf checked his work email. Even in pain this man is gorgeous :) Yes, very swoony. Which reminds me, I have a kissy photo somewhere but I will post that later when I have all the pics by others :)

This was looking a little dangerous... they had cordoned off this little area and this girl was just posing right on the edge of this cliff! From where we were sitting it looked really scary, but luckily nothing happened!

After the tea we slowly made our way to the exit and said goodbye to all our friends. This photo cracks me up, he never even came close to the shoulder but it is just such a funny pose!

We had yet another great day and slowly made our way to the airport. The shoulder survived the way home and the next day the bf went to the doctor where he was told that he broke his collar bone! At the moment the shoulder looks quite bad and has all colours of the rainbow. I didnt want to post the pic here as it is really quite gross but if you really want to see the extent of it and imagine the amount of pain the bf was in over these past two days, click here. Not to worry, I asked him if I could post this!

So all in all we had a lovely weekend (except for the shoulder bit) and the costumes were a hit :) Once I have the pics of the others I will add some more, maybe there are some nice ones there of the dress too, who knows...

UPDATE: My dress made the top ten @ the T-Shirt Diaries Stashbusting September, vote for me here if you want :)


  1. Love zombie Santa! Of course now we know why we missed him, because he was there on Sunday. It was really nice seeing you again and I love to see the pics after wards.

  2. Vampires are not my thing, but you did an awesome job on your costume! I voted for you on the T-shirt diaries blog. I won last year. I never got the promised prize, but I was still ecstatic that I won! :)

  3. Congratulations! This is one of the top ten stashbusting projects!...


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