Virtual Visit to the V&A Museum

Haaa, the week is over! It was a tad more stresful than planned but at last it is over. My projects are done (well most of them anyway) and today was museum day. Or so I thought...

At 6pm my friend cancelled our museum trip because she wasnt feeling well. Which is fine of course, others were going anyway. Then I thought about it. It was 28C here today but it is September after all and it gets dark at 7pm now so after that it is more like 18C so not really mini skirt weather which I had chosen to wear today (the green dress has its second outing). So I went home instead and slept on the sofa while watching the Social Network (I love that movie!) which had more to do with my mental state than the movie itself of course. I guess it was a good thing my friend cancelled!

But to finish this busy crafting month in style, I wanted to share some images with you that I took at the V&A a few years back. Oh yes, the V&A stands for the Victoria & Albert Museum and contains a lot of artsy craftsy stuff and a LOT of clothing exhibitions. Plus it's free :) I dont have pics of the planned exhibition (The Power of Making) but I do have some nice ones that give you a good idea of the style of museum.

Probably the most famous thing in this place, it is in all the brochures. Can you believe this is glass? I love this!

You can go through the history of clothing chronoligically and when you do, you see this authentic pair of stays. Loving the detail as was doing some research at the time.

A corset too of course. This is underwear, not overwear as so many modern corsets are. It would look a bit funny anyway otherwise, hihi!

This was just around the time that I started looking for bustle pillows and this was a great reference. Of course mine looked nothing like it LOL

Speaking of bustles, now THIS is a bustle. When I try this it always looks like an apron...

Going back in style a bit with my bustle comment up here, this dress is to die for! It has a very long square train and I will definitely attempt to make something like this once. I think Grosgrain did actually for her daughter for Halloween and I was so envious!

A bit more modern but oh-so-cute is this piano dress by Karl Lagerfeld. It has a few layers underneath to get it al puffy but I love the simplicity of it. Might attempt this one day also :)

In a different section they had all kinds of authentic 'Jane Austen' dresses, with the empire lines and the embroidery. I mean, look at this dress! I wouldnt be surprised if this was hand embroidered!

Again something very simple yet very elegant. I think at the time this was very stylish and would actually turn some heads. Makes you think about today's half-naked fashion sometimes ;)

We hit the testing area for kids and of course I had to try on the major hoop skirt that was there and ready to use. It came complete with corset which wasnt exactly laced properly so I had to hold it, but it was really fun! This is by far the largest skirt I have ever worn :)

For now this is it, I hope you enjoyed my little virtual tour. All in all it is a good closure of the month. Am off to bed now and will hopefully be able to sleep in tomorrow :) :) :)


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