Stashbusting September - A Long Way to Go

As you may have noticed, I have usd the word 'stashbusting' in pretty much every post this month. That's because I am participating in this year's Stashbusting September at the T-Shirt Diaries! :) If you follow this link, you can see all the projects submitted so far. Silly me, I have of course uploaded every post about the bustle so I may have to remove some hihi...

The rules are simple:
  • Craft for personal use (I believe this means not for selling, but presents are ok)
  • Don't buy any new craft supplies for the whole of September. Work ONLY with what you already have (since I have a massive stash that should be ok...)
  • Upcycle at least one item this month (am slowly working on that)
  • Think outside the box (also working on that)
At the moment my scraps stash looks like this:

These are only my fabric scraps. I am trying hard to make lots of small things with this so that the stash dwindles but whenever I make something bigger I have of course more cutoffs and therefore this pile isnt getting any smaller! In the middle you can see heavy fabrics, on the left fleece scraps, and on the right cottons. Everything usually goes into one large Ikea bag and I dive into this when I have something for which I need a scrap.

Of course (well maybe not of course), I also have some fabrics that I bought a long time ago which I just havent used yet. I dont have a pic of those though. I thought the scrap stash was bad enough! And sometimes I have an idea for which I can use the pretty (and whole!) fabrics hihi.

But maybe this explains why I have been able to create an entire vampire dress from my stash LOL. So far I have made the vampire dress, part of the zombie dress, and a charger bag. With hopefully more to come :) Now that I'm done with the costumes (at least for now as Halloween will be here soon!), I can focus on other small projects. I have another small bag upstairs with some leftover scraps that would make a great bathroom pirate mat :)


  1. That is awesome! I've been working on my stash for a year now. lol My sister moved to a different state and gave me all of her craft stuff. I need to make stuff more often. =)


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