Zombie Costume - Corset

Hello again!
For the first time ever, I will be wearing two costumes at EFF. Day 1 will be zombie, and I was going to reuse the hippy zombie dress from the last zombie walk. Except I threw the top away as I didnt think it would survive the washing machine and it made me look fat... Well maybe not fat but it wasnt very figure hugging.

At the last B&B sale a few months ago I found two corsets, one for £3 and one for £1. They had to be cheap as they would most likely be destroyed but this one fit so well I just added something to it so I could reuse it afterwards :)

This is the cheaper one, or part of it anyway. Unlike the rest of my dress this will not be smudged in paint, but it has wounds :) I added these rake slashes (no, not Wolverine) to the side of it with red felt and some black lace I had leftover from a previous project.

You may wonder why I added the lace but then again you may also know that I love details :) And after all, when a lace corset gets slashed, there will be lace on the sides of said slashes! LOL. Ok it might not be super obvious but to me it is so I'm happy :)

This is going to look so wicked with the skirt from last year (and the year before) as it has exactly those colours! For the vampire I will use this corset also but put the other one over it so the slashes will be hidden. Which is why they are strategically placed :)

Only one more thing to make and that is the zombie top. I have already selected my scraps from my enormous fabric scraps bag and I have more than enough for what I need. Nearly done!


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