Vampire Dress - Bolero Jacket

Heyhey again everyone! (I really must think of another greeting sometime soon LOL)

You may remember way back when, when I went to the charity shop for £1-week and bought this lovely item:

It's white with silver sparkles and I was going to use it for some sort of fairy outfit together with the wedding dress I have yet to find a purpose for... I cant seem to find the post to show you which one I mean though.

Naturally, white with sparkles isnt really vampy so I wanted to use this fabric instead:

Isnt it gorgeous? It's two-sides and the other side is black on purple but the colour would clash too much with the planned corset. The black side is lovely too though :) I bought this last year at the market when they had a huge piece of about 2 meters for only £1! Of course I had to buy it immediately as these are exactly my colours and with that price it was an absolute steal :) Sadly since then I couldnt decide on a project for it... Luckily this has now changed.

Then came challenge #2: recreating the jacket without taking the original apart. My putting-back-together skills are not always great so I didnt want to risk it. It took an entire evening and most of the LOTR part 2 extended DVD until I had measured and cut all the parts, and most of the next day to sew everything together. The sleeves were my biggest worry as I really cant put it sleeves, I am horrible at it! I knew I had enough fabric to start over if I messed it up but time is of the essence and I'd rather not start again from scratch.

But after a day of sewing, lots of last-minutes changes, and some moments of extreme worry (the sleeves), I actually managed to pull it off! :)

Behold me shiny new vampy jacket :) I LOVE this! And yes, I know it looks a little bit like Snow White but I still love it :D

The sleeves actually fit (after some minor adjustments) and the whole thing just came together wonderfully. I havent tried it with the corset yet but I'm sure it will look amazing :) And once again all stashbusty!

So skirt and jacket done, meaning bustle, handbag, and hat to go for the vampire dress :)


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