Vampire Dress - Mini Top Hat

Yes, the hat for my vampire dress is done :)

I had an idea for this for a long time and I've had the supplies for many years... I didnt take pics of the 'pre' hat but it is a very simple mini felt top hat that actually bought at EFF in April 2010. The ribbon I got even longer ago for next to nothing in a small fabric shop in my hometown. The silk flower was part of a mass purchase also years ago on ebay and the spiders are from my Halloween stash. So technically, this hat was free as I had everything :) It could even be classed as vintage as even my supplies are ancient, hihi!

I glued the purple ribbon on with hot glue. The hat being felt, it stuck really well. The little spider on the top was a mistake, I was originally going for a plain hat. I was edging the ends of the ribbon with MP and accidentally hit the hat with the brush, causing the felt to become shiny. Oops... enter mini spider :)

Of course one teeny tiny spider looks a little silly so I had to add another one. After going through my big box of Halloween spiders, I found the perfect one. Also added with my trusty glue gun, he sits (hangs?) snuggly on one side of the hat.

To make the back look pretty I folded the ribbon like I did with the Halloween PJs to create a bow impression. I then added a white lace flower (this is not a yoyo, I made this ribbon-style and despite having tried many like it, I still havent managed to make one as good as this one). I glued on a black rose to stick with the colour scheme and cut the ends of the ribbon with pinking sheers to prevent fraying and secured with MP.

I hot glued a crocodile hairclip to the back of the hat to be able to stick in my hair/wig. I couldnt use a bigger clip as the hat was quite round on the bottom and my larger hairclips were all straight.

I think it will look quite nice :) I havent found the perfect wig yet, but maybe luck will be with me and I will find something somewhere... I would love this one but there is no time to have it shipped from the US and they're all sold out here in the UK. Maybe I can wear the black one from the Mombi Dress?

So still to do: bustle (finish), handbag, zombie top, zombie corset. So close, so close!

Update 24 September: my hat was featured :)



  1. Really cool, love the colors and how it's feminine, pretty and spooky all at the same time!

  2. This has been featured in the next Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Look for it tonight at 8:00pm! Love it!


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